Hanging around the carpark (Cycle 4. Day 1)

I was telling the mango Princess the other day that I think I have finally found a way to summarise how this infertility feels. Imagine driving into yours local shopping center carpark and you drive around and around for ages looking for a spot. Its very frustrating as you never seem to find one. Then you notice other people entering the car park and you notice cars pulling out of parking spots, but you are in the wrong place and someone else is always closer so they grab the spot. Fair enough, they were closer, they didn’t know you have been here a while and its “fair” that you get a spot, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I guess it get tiring looking for a spot after 847 days of trying
Besides, if nothing else, there is a good feeling around the mothership about this cycle, so you may as well get in from the ground level. (You can all say – yes – we knew about Prime Minister / Secretary General / Lord / President / NJ Devils goalkeeper Mango Prince(ss) right from the get go, so keep this post)
So today is day 1 of cycle 4! The princess and  I spent a day at the Dr last week clearing the ground work. Basic scans, jabs, more jabs, another scan, getting a doctor to send through other scans. My participation factor in all of this was driving the car to the Dr’s and I think I bought lunch. I shift into pit crew mode at these times. I don’t physically get my bits checked out or my arse, guts and bum jabbed in this process so to pull my weight in this exercise I ramp up on driving support, dinner cooking,  joke making, hug distribution and anything else I can do. My big role is CNO – chief needle officer. Have needle, will jab.
So, Mango got the call today from our assigned nurse to say YOU ARE ON, CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF, BLASTOFF, EGGOFF, Stroganoff? anyway….. All system go, all paperwork cleared, we have warmed up the spreadsheets (we are sad trackers of many things in life) , labelled a new file in the filing cabinet and finally, prepared the drugs, sharps bin, needles on the counter ready for Ms Mango’s arrival from acupuncture tonight.
This cycle will be a little different from previous attempts. So a bit of background for you, I cant explain technically, so you sort of get a bloke speak version. The 1st cycle used a drug called Lupron to put everything in a holding pattern so eggs didn’t go flying all over the shop while she ramped up the eggs on the follicle stimulant drugs (stims). When the eggs were deemed of Easter eggs size (this is not a 100% true statement) we jabbed away with another drug and 36 hrs later Mango went in for egg retrieval. Think of it as putting the hand brake on the car, revving the hell out of it in neutral, then dropping it into gear and releasing the hand brake at the same time.
We tried this method on the 1st 2 cycles. The good news is that we got a reasonable egg retrieval both times (between 15 and 11 eggs) , even though we never made it the whole way to the baby shower. The other good news is that Mango was below her E2 limits (you still with me?) during these cycles. For the uninitiated, if you go above your safe operating E2 level, they shut down the cycle, turn the lights out, pack up the caravan, wrap you in cotton wool  and leave you with organs that start to cook a little bit. Not great.
In cycle 3 we tried something different. No hand brake, double the level of stimulants, BAM, lets go nuts. Pump those follicles! Result? About the same level of mature eggs as before, even though we seemed to show more follicles through the stim process. We also topped out on the E2 levels, so a bit riskier for not great additional benefit …. so to cycle 4….
This time we are going back on the Lupron but we are using it differently (don’t ask me how, its just a different brew of the stuff we got from the FedEx dude) and we are trying a “slow roast” approach – not as much stimulant each day so probably a longer cycle. Hopefully, this will give us a similar numbers (or more!!!) good mature eggs. Egg quality is the name of the game at this stage folks. (well it is at all stages)
Ok viewers, Enough for tonight, we got the 1st shot jabbed away since I started writing this tonight. We do another 4 shots tomorrow. 2 of the Lupron  (morning and evening) and 2  stims tomorrow as well. Not much to report (hopefully – assuming we don’t screw it up!) until Sunday when the daily scans start.

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