Enter the Needle Queen – (Cycle 4. Day 5)

A quick note before I get into it – apologies to the folks who know this process back to front,  I guess the life of IVF is all around the details and I know for many friends at home who have no clue about IVF land, the sort of fun we get up to is quite an eye openener! Anyway… to the update!
Day five and its amazing how quickly things ramp up again. A quick jab on Wednesday night has turned into 14 needles to date this cycle and we are still really only warming up I think.
The needles at this stage of the game are generally fairly small and declared “piece of piss” by our legend jabbee, but its still hit and miss if they hurt or not, and this week the Master Jabber has only been so so in his success rate. There has been a stimulant (Gonal F) and Lupron (the handbrakeish kind of drug) morning and evening. The Gonal F has been ok most of the time, but the Lupron (which is some special mix the clinic themselves make up) has been really tricky and caused a few panda squeals at times. The Master Jabber has tried very hard to slowly inject the juice (which seems to help) but at the same time the needles are so small, its tricky to overcome the friction. So far I have only inflicted 2 small bruises, which while sounding horrific, don’t appear to hurt (post panda squeal) and also provide convenient audit trail for future jabs around the belly button region.
Actually – 14 needles is an understatement, as the Needle Queen is also doing acupuncture twice a week and what used to be a 20 pin prick type affair has now been ramped up by our Russian Master black belt acupuncture guru to the “hard core” program of 60 needles a session. They are also trying some new type of acupuncture where they are jabbing three needles in the same spot. I think the next step from here is an air compressor, a nail gun and a box of 2″ nails. So, I guess we’re up to 74 needles so far since day 1 with another acupuncture session on the cards tomorrow AM. With the majority of the needles going in the Needle Queens guts (and they all leaving a nice red mark) its proving a tad crowded for the Jab King to do his handiwork, so maybe thats supporting the pain a bit. Still – all is not evil on the needle front. Reports from the jabbee conclude that very rarely is an acupuncture session complete without a nice little snooze.
The big news as predicted in the inaugural message from Wed is that today was our 1st scan day for this cycle. It’s so early in the game that as long as they don’t drop some bombshell like “sorry, your ute seems to have disappeared” then generally all is good. Its sort of a baseline setting day. The whole “morning scan” process is a very slick affair that consists of 2 parts – blood sample (that seem to be taken by a butcher) and then an internal ultrasound done by one of the 4 doctors in the clinic. (You have one dr dedicated for questions and is your key contact, but you can have any one of the 4 dr in the practice at any time in the cycle). We don’t care, we like them all, and we play dr bingo each morning seeing who we will get (I owe rach lunch today – she is good). In fact while I am on it each Dr has a dedicated assistant (for scheduling etc,) a nurse and an account manager. Yes – each Dr has their own accountant. Cha Ching.
So scan results… they measure two things – ute lining and number and size of follicles. We scored a 6.29 on the lining which is good for this stage of the game (the target zone here is 8-13 mm by retrieval. Anything less that 6mm is potential a problem) and on the follicle front you want them to be around 18-22mm (the maturity zone!) before retrieval. So our Egg Queen nailed a 12mm on the right with 7 more under 11mm and 10 less that 11mm on the left ovary.  So 18 as a “base case” which is a very very healthy response (in the humble opinion of Dr Husband) at such an early stage, the trick now is to grow these suckers to the target range. (Is this normal? Who knows, some women struggle to get one and some have 40, but we’ve learnt the trick here from reading message boards, is quality, not quantity).
It will be interesting to see how we go as we didn’t do a stimulant shot this AM (which we have never done before) so the momentum on the growth may slow a little. I have reminded the Egg Queen of this. The Mango Princess will get the call this afternoon with instructions for tomorrow. The dr we saw today thought we’d be back for a scan Tuesday (so not quite up to daily scans yet), but we’ll see what the Dr’s Jedi council come up with post their deliberations.
So the details here set the background for future updates. Its all about lining, and eggs for the next week or so folks if you didnt know.
On a side note we met with the Uber nurse today (we think she is chief nurse,) as we needed to tidy up some paperwork. Lovely lady, and boy, she gets it. She said that she has bee doing this a long time and was encouraging and just said “I see people like you who keep trying and don’t think it will happen to them , but I have seen it happen a lot (i.e. get pregnant), time and time again. You have such great attitudes, hang in there. We don’t let people continue if we don’t think you have a chance”. So that was nice. They have to be super careful about raising hopes as we all know that false dawn too well, but it was great of her to say that none the less.
Stay tuned readers, the roller coaster continues. But today was a step and hopefully a good one
Chief Jabber

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  1. Thank you for the article, I will pass this information on to my patients..
    Dr. Hardy

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