Enter the egg inspector (Day 6)

The Jedi Council called late yeterday and Nurse Yoda told us to keep to the one lupron in the morning and one lupron and a stim shot at night so we did and the told us to come back for a scan today… so we did that as well. The hospital we go to is about 45 mins drive from here but they have a small outpost that does scans and bloodwork right here in our town, which is great. We have been a tad dubious about the outpost as you get an ultrasound technician rather that one of docs, (which makes its sounds like she fixes the wiring behind your dashboard or changes the oil on your car rather that jabbing probes at your wife).  We can head out to the mothership for scans but its an early start and it’s first come first served and it’s be known for people to be lining up outside at 5.30. “Frig that” says the current Olympic gold medallist sleeper, “lets keep the stress levels low and go to Hobo.” The hub agreed so we go to the local mechanic and as she still takes photos of everything and sends it through to the mothership Jedi council for their deliberations, we feel its no biggie. 
Still – our local mechanic is a newbie so was interesting to see how she performed. She took a few goes to measure the lining and finally settled on 5.53mm (so 0.8 of a mm shorter that what the Dr measured yesterday – hmmm) and we had 6 eggs less that 10mm on the left and a 12mm and an 11.66mm on the right. She called the 11.66 an “11” but the chief egg inspector (who is a qualified charted accountant as is his wife) believes in the international principle of rounding up. So I declared it a 12. We have another 9 under 10mm on the right. Nice batch coming on there we think.
So before you scurry off to read yesterdays msg and check for progress, let me summarise – virtually unchanged. The lining shrank (yeah right) and the eggs are all about the same. So a big non event of a day. Still – for those of you out there who have (had)  normal pregnancies did you ever notice that you lining was out by <1mm and you debated egg size with your mechanic over a rounding to 2 decimal places of a centimeter? No, so neither shall we. (not even spreadsheet junkies like us)… it doesn’t really matter, we aren’t in control of anything here apart from jabbing and panda squeals and the squeals aren’t really planned come to think of it. (fyi – No squeals today and we still sit with 2 bruises – so I’m getting better). Needle count up to 139. I think she gets an upgrade to business class, access to the premium IVF lounge and a free caffeine free organic tea if she hits 500 jabs. I might see if I can find a gold medal as well.
On the chief jabber side of the fence my preparation has been intense. I:
– drove the lovely jabbee to the mechanics today
– dropped her a instant message mid morning to see how she was doing and asked about acupuncture this morning
– cooked up a mean (reaheated) meatloaf dinner (and washed up – normally, 1 cooks and 1 washes up in this household – but not during jabbing “season”)
– arranged for some dude to come around and replace our busted (and somewhat expensive to replace) air conditioning unit on the roof.
– late add! did the recycling (just added at the suggestion of the jabbee)
While this all may seem irrelevant, I am the stress deflector, this is my role.
No scans tomorrow. Our Russian acupuncture tzar advised the jabbee today, (between shots of the nail gun) that on the lower stim cycle you get fewer eggs, but the quality is higher. She knows, she has done this for a very long time. That’s what we had thought, so we’re going through the spreadsheet and modelling that in (that’s a joke people)
Right. later guys. Mood is high, we’re feeling good, but we have 3 long weeks to a pregnancy test (if we get that far)
Over and out
Chief Egg Inspector

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