Wisdom from the Great Don: Day 10

Day 10 and another groundhog day (if you have seen that movie) in IVF land. The mechanic was scanning away again furiously this morning in a fluro pink nurses outfit. Never seen anything like it. Cheery colour? Sort of, its like someone coming up to you and smiling 1 inch from your face. Nice, just a bit uncomfortable, Anyway, we’re not there for dress sense, we are there for follicle fashion, and yet again, Americans next top follice model didn’t let us down:
Lining: 6mm type: 1. Who knows if that’s good, this prob needs to pick up, but remember we are over a week away from transfer back in where this matters
Follicles: 21! with 14 >15mm. Some just on 15mm so an extra day or so of stims should be good.
Needles count: 211 needles since day 1 (inc 180 acupuncture)
We got the same jab instructions from the nurse today, so no trigger which we were really happy about as we wanted a scan from a Dr before we trigger. The mechanic is ok and takes a photo of every scan (she burns through a lot of paper!), but we really want a Dr to see the follicles live  (and on weekends the local outpost is shut), so we need to head out to the IVF mothership where Dr’s do all the scans. What the mechanic does in 15 mins, the Dr’s do in 2. They move that ultrasound probe like a pro, (because I guess they are pro’s)
So we are convinced tomorrow night is trigger time.
Patient update:
The follicle queen is doing well, upbeat and excited about the retrieval, (good on her). She doesn’t really fit in any of her pants anymore, (yep you swell a bit – think about this… 21 follicles averaging 15mm is the equivalent of swallowing a very thick ruler… in a week). So a good book on the lounge in a fav pair of trackie dacks is home base.
Hub remains on STUFF ALL duty and has nothing to focus on but eating well. I have managed to lose 3 kilo’s watching closely what I have consumed in the last 2 weeks. Note: I don’t radically shift to binges of Maccas the rest of the time as a cycle for hub’s fellas is 35-65 days, so you are always “on duty”. Food wise we are into the organic food big time. The local organic supermarket loves us. Why wouldn’t they when they charge $US 17 for 2 pieces of organic chicken, (that I just refused to buy as there are so many other things to choose from!). The organic food world is not a bunch of hippie vegans chewing on cardboard, there are some cool things out there, how about mint choc chip ice cream made from organic rice (true story!). We are even contemplating buying organic alcohol free wine. If we sell the CRV and get a combie then we’re in trouble. If I grow my hair long then we are beyond trouble, we have a miracle. Good eating is so well ingrained now that I can even walk past our local legend pizza place on the way home each night without regret. 2 words – laser focus, folks.
Quote of the day.
I fessed up the other day and told my boss (Don) what was going on. I didn’t really want to as I wanted to see if I could pull this kiddie thing off without having to break the news on the work front, but my boss is a very reasonable guy and when you keep telling him you are out as your wife has Dr’s appointments its hard to keep dodging the question “is she ok?, I mean, she seems to be seeing lots of Dr’s is it life threatening?”. So is it out of order to pry? Probably, but he means well so I told him. Guess what – his sister did IVF.
So anyway, as background,  Don is a man of process, vision and wisdom. He has a bookshelf full of self help books. He throws out the bad ones and rings the authors of the good ones to see if he can do a study with them or ask them a few questions. He is almost manically process driven,  probably has metrics he uses on his kids and I bet red / amber / green scorecards their homework with a time line initiated for resolution of issues. You get the drift. He is a great guy to work for, straight up laser focused on “doing the right thing”. Anyway, he always has a story, fable or shard of wisdom to shed. Today’s was a good one when I updated him on our status..
” I saw a story about a WWII POW and they asked him how did he get through it, did he think of home? Loved ones? good things? etc …. His response was… “I recognised the position I was in was what it was and I can control certain things in this environment but couldn’t do much really and well, this is where I am and this is my life and this is how things are going to be for now.. the people around me who didn’t make it were guys who set deadlines in their head, (this will be over by Christmas, summer etc etc)… adjust to the life you are in and the human body is an amazingly resilient thing””
Don finished off with a grin and says.. “you’ll get there… now where’s my headcount report” and kicks me out of his office 
Stay tuned … things start to change soon. All fingers crossed please … cabin crew prepare the cabin for landing ….3 days to landing <bing>

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