Riding the wave – day 11

Straight to the punchline tonight. Bombs away… fire in the hole…. Cabin crew 36 hrs to landing.. we got the call and just launched the trigger. So no more stims, now one final trigger shot to mature the eggs and set them up for retrieval.
We dropped into the mothership this morning for our 2 min super scan with thr Dr (in normal white attire for once) and the results were pretty good. The Dr was very happy with progress, so the update:
* Lining: 7.33 type 1 (asked the dr – type 1 is multi layer – think of it as Neapolitan ice cream – and good, type 3 is thin and not so good, but our Dr shrugged it off and didn’t seem to care if our follice queen had steel wool as lining, ok… she might care then.)
* Follicles: 21! 15 >15 mm, with 8 over 18mm (even better we think – again – we really don’t know anything). Very nice. We have no overachieving nut bags either with the biggest at 20mm which is not on the freakish side and still (potentially) within maturity range.
* E2: tricky stuff this E2 (Estrogen) you need to keep it under 4500, maybe 5,000 tops but everyone reacts differently. If you hyper-stimulate, you body shuts down and you start to cook your organs. So – hyperstim is a big deal they watch for closely.  Luckily, (I hope) my legend wife seems to be able to take a fair amount, ( 3 days ago – 1,700, yesterday 2,600, today 4,000!). So no wonder we are triggering. The level will still rise from here as the trigger is still a stimulant (it does a final maturation on the eggs), but its a game of maximising your E2 vs not overstimulating. Our Dr today says that each mature eggs gives off around 200 (whatever you measure estrogen in – lets call them estros.) So the thinking goes… 21 follicles of a good size, and prob a whole bunch of small ones that also dump out estros and you need to keep around the 4,500 -5000 estros (max!!!)…. its tricky.
So the trigger takes a little bit of work vs the other drugs. For a start we actually need to mix some drugs, (great idea that we just did the kitchen up, its great ambiance for brewing up drug cocktails). Its not hard, mix a bit of water with some powder, switch the needles around a bit and one quick jab in the rump-lestiltskin and you away. The trickiest thing on the trigger is that it’s timed. We are given very clear instructions on what to do and exactly when as 36 hrs from the shot the ovaries will release the eggs. So we did the trigger at 11pm tonight, so 9am Monday the Mango Ppineapple Princess  is in Hospital and at 10am they are doing a quick procedure to take the eggs out, (an hr before the deadline.)Quite remarkable when you think about it.
We read a blog during the week of a couple who weren’t aware of the time sensitivity and just did the shot earlier in the night. When they came to retrieval, no eggs. Cycle over. I feel sorry for them. We have also had our own nightmare around the trigger shot. In cycle 2, we had an 11pm trigger as well. At 10.45 we went to the cupboard to prepare the drugs and couldn’t find them. Issue? Oh yeah. If we miss our window then ok, we push pack the retrieval an hr or so maybe, but the prob then is they line up all the triggerees in a very tight timeline that makes landing at Heathrow look like landing at Lithgow (and I don’t even think Lithgow has an airport), so if we slip into another “landing slot” it would have been us who get bumped. So, we frantically tore the kitchen, bedroom and study to shreds and then at around 11.15 we found the drugs between to colanders we pulled out in our haste. We jabbed frantically and called the at call nurse. Verdict – not too late, we’ll be fine, but we could have done without the stress.
Maybe its because of  “the cycle 2 effect” but this shot always freaks me out a bit as we really need to get it right, but in all reality, its very straightforward. I like to go over the instructions carefully and watch a few training vids online they give us access to. You can see the Monday morning coffee chat now.. “get up to much on the weekend Mister IVF?… Oh watched a few drug injection vids on sat night…. you know… the usual”
Anyway… we’re away now …. 33.5 hrs to retrieval.
A few other quick updates:
* The follicle queen is doing remarkably well considering the hormones gushing around her guts. She has been purky and bubbly all week but around 3pm this afternoon she hit a bit of a wall. She wandered into the study looking as white as a ghost and felt nauseous. A quick 4 hrs wipe out sleep and she was up and about again. Tomorrow may be similar.
* Nothing new on my side. I drove to the Dr’s again today (go hub – do you thing!) and won the bet for who the doctor was. So 1-1 on the Dr prediction scoreboard. We really like this Dr but she looks 9 years old. Its a bit weird talking about kids with someone who looks like one, but she is fantastic, so friendly and really helpful. You can sort of get the feelings she has seen it all with this IVF stuff.
* We owe an apology to the mechanic. It appears her measuring is pretty spot on after all, so after a bit of anxiousness all week around two follies being counted as one (and we even though that she was double counting some follies in her totals) it appears our 9yo Doctor (Ms Doogie Houser) scanned pretty much the same result. We now like the mechanic a lot more, but the pink outfit is still a bit weird.
* I also owe an apology to the jabbee. I have left out some needles – 7 to be honest. I had forgotten to count the morning blood work done by the butchers. So with today’s trigger and lupron shot that takes her up to 220. This may seem a lot, but we have barely started.  Today’s butchering was one of the better ones, she bled through the band aid and through her top. Next step is a airlift to a hospital (oh hang on- we were in a hospital.)
So all looks good right? We’ll see. After being immersed in this (again) for 11 days non stop, this process is casting its all encompassing spell again. The feeling is similar to waiting for someone at the airport when you are really excited to meet them but are fed up waiting in the crowd checking out every single person coming out the door. 11 days is a long time to wait for someone at the airport checking everything (sadly).
Also – we have seen this movie before… its a move of catching the perfect wave and riding it to shore. Today is the day the wave breaks – and from here we just ride it. Each of the three previous versions have unfortunately dumped us head long into a sand bar, and just like body surfing, rarely do see a dumping coming – you always think you can surf the wave and also, you rarely come out of a good dumping without getting hurt.Still – we’ll see. Send through all positive vibes please!!
Next steps are another scan tomorrow to check E2 and make sure the eggs didn’t prematurely jettison (believe to happen we hear)
Here we go, wish us luck
The body surfers

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