Riding the rollercoaster – day 13

Ok so 21 follicles, E2 levels peaking at a gazillion, everyone in a good mood (always a bad sign in IVF) and boom, 5 eggs retrieved. F.ck. This is at least half what we were expecting. We are smart enough to know not to count on anything in this whole evil process but gullible enough to allow positive thoughts to seep in. The “we will never be parents” daemons are back and having a huge frikking party at our house today.

“It only takes one” has to be the motto as well as rule of IVF , but 5 is our worst effort yet and you start to play with averages a fair amount from here. To help you understand how, here are some prior stats:

* Cycle 1: 15 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 10 fertilised, we didn’t do any genetic testing (which is pretty normal) so the Dr’s choose the best 3 lookers and we transferred away. None of the others were good enough for freezing. Result? single pregnancy with miscarriage at 7 weeks. Test results later identified a genetic abnormality

* Cycle 2: 10 eggs retrieved, 5 mature, 3 fertilised, did genetic testing on all 3 none passed

* Cycle 3: 11 eggs retrieved (again after an excellent pile of follicles through the scans that left us floored when we only got 11), 7 mature, 6 fertilised, 3 passed genetics testing and were transferred back. Result. One chemical pregnancy (very early miscarriage)

* Cycle 4: 5 eggs retrieved….. If we even make it to Friday for transfer it will be a miracle.

Tomorrow we find out how many are mature and how many fertilised (if any).

Today is the worst day in this whole process, without fail, every time. I hate retrieval day. The Mango Princess is always in a lot of pain and spends most of the next two days completely wiped out in bed asleep and the mental anguish of “only 5” today is a whole fresh new angle of pain she gets to experience. When you think you have found the bottom of the abyss, lucky us, we find it goes deeper still.

Still, people have 1 egg retrieved and it goes the whole way, so that can happen to us right? So, I’ll stay positive until the end. That’s part of my wing man responsibilities I am thinking.

We are contemplating dropping the genetic testing if we get past the maturity and fertilisation hurdles. We are not sure its worth doing with a small sample. We’ll see. Something to think about. We don’t need to make a call for a day or so.

Pump through the positive vibes folks, we need them.

Still all is not lost, I have another cunning plan up my sleeve. In the kiddie section of the waiting room today was a sign on the wall saying “unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy”. I might go back next time with some coffee and a couple of puppies and see if I can trade then for a kid.

 This is such a hard journey


2 Responses

  1. Good luck with your results, hope all goes well!!!!


    • Fingers and toes etc etc are all crossed this end. Makes it hard to walk around, but everything is crossed 24/7

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