Houdini produces a magic lake – Day 15

I had a chance to speak to our legend Dr today, and it never left me that you are chatting about life and well… life matters like you are chatting about a good movie you saw recently. We discussed the mango princess’ new career as a magician and her houdini trick to make a dozen or so eggs disappear into thin air. When I asked where the eggs go, she wasn’t sure but she said she sees it from time to time. I asked a different way..
“What caused all that E2 if it wasn’t eggs?”
“oh”  comes the response from the legend, “that can be the gorgonzolaorisinimistinment“.
“ah ok“. which translates into “I threw a big word at you so I hope you will now stop asking”. This was later conveyed to Houdini as “I think sometimes follicles stim and they are empty”. Houdini, suffice with the answer, moved on to more important things, like the Amercias next top model finale on this evening.
The big chat though apart from magic was WTF do we do from here. Genetic test or not – we had to decide today. The report from the dish was that the kids were doing well and we have 3 doing really well and 2 that are chugging along nicely but not at full speed, (which doesn’t mean much – we put the 3 sexiest embryos back in on cycle 1 and got nowhere. The uglies are often the goodies). All 5 kids have 3 – 4 cells, which is exactly where they should be at this stage. Example pic below (not one of my kids)
So we discussed things for a while and the verdict is in – we decided not to do any genetic testing. We decided to let mother nature do her job and if the kiddies have a genetic issue, as Darwin says, they generally sort themselves out.
As for Houdini, she is upbeat and cramping less, but still sore. She went for scans again this AM to see how things were going and Doogie Houser was on duty so she also got a grilling on the magic trick from Houdini and confirmed our belief that the whole thing is a bit of a mystery. Still – who cares – focus on the famous 5. The scan checked out her ovaries (still somewhat monstrous at 7″ x 5″ and 6″ x 4″when they should be walnuts) but the Dr was ok with it.
Houdini also seems to be holding a bit of water, as Dr Houser asked her if she passing as much she was drinking (and you drink a lot of water in IVF land) and the passage of water seems to have dropped back a bit. I had a mental image of a puddle in the middle of her ute that I thought the kids wouldn’t appreciate, but it not there, its just “inside” . So if nothing else out of this cycle we have developed a new lake on this planet.. in my wife’s guts. How nice. Lake Houdini we shall call it.
Enough for now, tired, but you get that when you are the parents of 5 kids beaming in ESP messages from a dish somewhere… kids… they wear you out.

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