Pregnant pause in IVF Land – day 16

Well, we are oficially pregnant. Its a big bold statement but according to pregnancy is “having a child or other offspring developing in the body” and I can confirm that we now had 4 offsprings developing in “the body”, so I declare the situation one of official pregnancy. Nowhere does it say that the embryos need to be attached to the mother…hmm, minor point and our last hurdle we know we need to clear. So this takes us up to 24 children we have “had”. Alas the 1st 20 didnt hang around for icecream, but we remain hopeful.

 So 4 is an extremely good result considering we started at 5 and had to jump maturity, fertilisation and time hurdles (i.e. surviving 3 days from retrieval).

 “Pick your doctor” bingo continued as per usual and today was the end of season finale with The Mango Princesses  last chance to see which Dr she would get for transfer and see if she can come from back from a 2-1 deficit. So who was our Dr out of the 4 in the practice? a random 5th doctor we have never seen. She was a lovely lady and clearly knew her stuff, but no idea where she fits in. So, Dr Random informed us that we had 4 embryos to transfer, one at 6 cells, 2 at 8 cells and 1 at 10 cells (the 10 celler fella was at 8 cells, but it split again just before before they were transferred back we believe). They are all about the size they should be, so that’s great, and they look good, but we know that doesnt mean a huge amount consideirng all the sexy but genetically defunt predecessors we have had. They even give us a photo of the 4 of them. Our 1st family photo. How nice.

The surgery today is pretty straightforward and Mrs Mango doesn’t even get any anaesthetic or a local (on Monday she was put under) and today only take about 20 mins and is pain free, (apart form having a very full bladder which they request so they can better see the ute on the ultrasound). She lies flat for another 20 mins post surgery then you are out of there. We always stay at a local hotel so Mrs Mango can maximise her time being horizontal. Our clinic says you really only need 20 mins lying flat, some clinics suggest up to 3 days. There is nothing to lose from lying flat longer so we take the long option which my gold medallist sleeper has no problems adjusting to.

Today is a big day for the wing man and I drive carefully from the hospital to the hotel (I have a route planned and drive slowly in the fast lane as there are fewer bumps) and the princess reclines the seat and enjoys looking at street lights and leaves on the trees. We drive carefully. Imaging having a car accident in the middle of all this.

Anyway, the kids are settling in, (think grains of sand on a peanut butter sandwich – no idea why people tell you its peanut butter – or tennis balls on a football field to give you an idea of proportionate size here) and Monday week is the pregnancy test – the final hurdle So that’s pretty much the journey… now we just live out a 2 week wait with acupuncture sessions a few oral drugs and a horse needle in the princess’ bum each night.

 I heard once that normally, when a egg gets fertilized that when it embeds in the ute it sends messages to the lining shedding section of the brain not to do any shedding (so stopping your period) but when you do IVF they wash the eggs along the way so they lose this covering. To compensate you need to take progesterone shots in your arse for 7 weeks to simulate the same effect. How awesome is the human body that its that tough to replicate.

Anyway the 2 weeks is a bit of a killer, but now with the great Don’s words ringing in my ears around the WWII POW’s maybe this time will be easier. We have been full time residents in IVF Land for a while and desperately want to get out, but life is what it is and we take it as it comes.


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  1. Good luck!

  2. thanks heaps

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