A son – day 37

You lose track of day counts when you return to normal life, no more calendar, shots, scans etc.

We have been thinking about trying a new facility so we received our records today from our efforts at our existing clinic that we will fwd on to a few places we want to chat to. Haven’t read them all yet, but no doubt will be a fascinating read. We found out that our miscarriage in the 1st attempt was a boy. Mrs IVF and I sat there for while and took it in. Didn’t say much for a while.  “That makes it all seem a bit real, doesn’t it?” yours truly eventually blurts out, almost as an after thought, to nodding responses from Mrs IVF.

We saw a picture of the chromosomes. All of them in perfect pairs apart for 3 of them next to the number 13 and a nice little arrow pointing out the 3rd one in case, from the perfect symmetry on the rest of the page page, you couldn’t see it blaring out at you like a neon sign.

I have mentioned before how I feel in a bubble around all this and life just seems to drop kids out all around but not on us, this made it feel really close to home.

I just thought of a sentence I have never thought of in my entire life. ” I had a son”. I guess I can say that. Me, the guy who cant have kids, how funny.

Hmm, a mini rolercoaster when I didnt even know I was on it..


2 Responses

  1. I was praying for your success. We are about to start the trigger shot either this weekend or next week if her eggies start to grow a bit more. So frustrating, especially with her sister 10 miles away about to deliver today or tommorow. Ugh!

  2. You have a son. You always will. I have twin boys. They just died at 22 weeks. I will always have them in my heart. I have been lurking on your blog for awhile and I wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your prespective. My blog is http://www.survivingbaby.wordpress.com

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