Dr Shopping

So Mrs IVF is keen to speak to a few new doctors and see if its time to switch out. We have some time setup this week to speak with some of them. One doctor wanted to charge $US 650 to have a chat. We looked at his stats and he wasn’t remarkable so we declined… I think I backed out saying something like “I’ll check out my wife’s calendar – she is very busy”. The receptionist remarked that they only speak to new patients between 12 – 1 Wednesday, so they either speak fast or they don’t get too many new appointments in the week.

We are going to speak with the guys at Colorado and maybe some doctors back in Australia. IVF is currently covered under medicare back home in oz and it tops out a a few grand a go I think and the government covers the rest. Medicare is health care available to all Australians. Its funded by a 1.25% tax on your income tax returns. The downside of Australia is they they will only do one embryo transfers. I called them and a receptionist freaked and thought we were mad when we have been doing 3 embyro transfers (well, um,  4 in the last transfer), so considering we may have a few genetic issues (or have just been unlucky) we prob need genetic help, but who knows. We could also be one shot away at our previous clinic and we turned away at the wrong time.

Anyway – we got all our results from previous cycles from our current doctors and its a fascinating read. We saw a picture of the genetic footprint of the miscarriage and the 3 little marks next to chromosome 13. 1 little extra chromie, caused all this angst. Amazing. Still, we continue on. Elsewhere in the reports we discovered that Mrs IVF has an “unremarkable uterine cavity”. Whats wrong with the word “normal”. For once I guess its great to be unremarkable.

Over the weekend we had a great friend in town from London who has been reading these posts since we started. She and her husband have be really excellent friends though this whole process. I explained to her that doing IVF is like the mirror maze at the fair. Every turn is a new mirror looking back at you and you really have no idea where you are and how close you are to the exit. The doctors have a better clue looking in on you, but you dont. We could turn a  corner and find a doctor wanting to have a discussion on donor eggs or sperm, or we may turn a  corner and find another medical issue or we may actually turn a corner and walk out of here with a child. There are so many people in this maze. You read their posts, you hear stories about them through friends and if you are active in groups like resolve, you actually meet each other, but most of the time its the pair of you bumping into walls by yourself. Two things struck me as we were chatting through this story: (1)  One day we will leave this maze. You dont live here forever but who knows what state you leave in and (2) You never exit where you went in. Its truly impossible. There is no way you come out of this process untouched (untouched is polite, unscathed is probably more realistic).


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