Heading to Colorado

So we had a 30 min conversation with a Dr at Colorado this week.

Mrs IVF gave him a run down of glorious success rate to date (or lack there of)  and we talked  through a pile of questions Mrs IVF had very nicely typed up and categorised before the call. She went into the call with butterflies and I went in confident, she came out happy and confident and I came out a bit more shell shocked. In summary:

– he suggested donor eggs straight away once he had heard the story. Mrs IVF was fine as  I believe this is a std line, but it took me by surprise. We said we’d like to keep trying with our kit first.

– PGD – FISH (the one we did on half of our cycles) is something they don’t like. He said there are 6 studies on this (not a sample of 6, but a total of 6 studies ever done). 5 say it has no impact and one was quite damning. So I feel a little bad that we have pursued this route, but at the same time maybe more hopefully that by not doing it we will have discovered more of a magic bullet that may help us get there.

– the success rates he had weren’t as brilliant as I thought. They have a different protocol to the 9-12 genetic testing we have been doing. Its called CGH where they test all 46 chromosomes, and I thought success rates were in the 70% range, he is saying with one embryo that passes CGH you have a 20% chance, 30-40% with 2 and 50% with 3. So not great. Still – I guess he is being honest. I hope he is downplaying it, but I don’t think so somehow.

– Mrs IVF is super excited again and I guess I am as well to be getting “back in the saddle”.  We are going out there for a 1 day workup next week so Mrs IVF is all over it. Flights, accom, bit of white water rafting on the weekend, spot of golf, nice work.

– It will be a pain to do this interstate as we need to work out clinics, fedexing and freezing blood, but we’ll be ok once we get the logistics sorted.

– He had no answer to the “empt y follicle issue” in fact I think we surprised him with the question that 15+ mature follicles and and E2 of 4,000 only yielded 5 eggs, so the mystery on that continues.

– We mentioned what we are doing on a lifestyle side of the fence: no drinking (for over a yr now), no smoking (never did), no hot tubs, no chocolate (new rule 1 month old, Mrs IVF not really happy about this), no caffeine at all (again – at least 6 month on this one), no spicy food, no bike riding, organic food… etc etc etc. We asked if we can do anything else. He said “No, there is only so much lifestyle choices can do in the end and you are doing all the right things”. So nice I guess to “tick the box”.

So we’re back into it. Like the clinic we’ve been at, very few of the questions were aimed my way, which is fine, but its amazing how useless the male is in this whole process apart from supplying the magic sauce at the appropriate window.


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