Fathers Day

Spent the morning at a brunch with a guy and an old female friend of Mrs IVF’s we haven’t seen for over 8 years. For the guy it was his first father days and he was away from his 7 month old child, (he is English and in NYC on vacation). If we got pregnant when we first started we’d have a kid coming up to their 2nd birthday, we might even have another in the oven.  I found myself calculating that statistic while everyone else was talking about hist 1st fathers day.

We spent the afternoon with some other friends who have a 6 month old. Gorgeous kid and really well behaved. So my mates 1st father days as well. They are great mates and very supportive of where we are but at a loss to say much as she got pregnant after she went off the pill and before her 1st period. So work that out.

No bad feelings or whatever, just a bit of a weird day that I calculate things around hypothetically having a child from when I wanted. I increasingly find myself jealous of anyone who has a kid under a year. I guess its just been a long week after the Dr’s chat and my realisation that I think our chances are really not so great.

Its like I am at the Zoo, but we are the exhibit as everyone else pushes there stroller around and stares at the strange “dark side of 35” 30 somethings as a bit of a freak show. I know they don’t but my heads like to play those sort of tricks. I guess as a side note we did talk about some friends today and we think 4 out of 5 friends have been trying for years and aren’t getting anywhere on the kiddie front. We fertility challenged folks are everywhere.


3 Responses

  1. We are everywhere…just we’re the only ones who notice. There are more and more people I can point out now though…

  2. Yes we are! As I get more comfortable talking about it, I hear of more and more people that I know, going to the RE. It’s even harder when I hear that they have gone for one or two cycles and voila’, they are parents.

  3. Here’s a thought – next year I will celebrate “Anti-Fathers day” with my s”sub fertile” brothers. We can get high on sugar rushes from freshly squeezed carrot juice and go crazy on organic salsa / corn chips.

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