VHS or Betamax? HD DVD or Blu-Ray?

Today we achieved a new level in IVF land – we rode the roller coaster without even being on a stim cycle and I think we have some motion sickness.

Mrs IVF reached out to our existing clinic today and told them we are heading to Colorado as we’d really like to play in their sandpit and see if this new CGH toy is better than the PGD one we have been playing with. We’d were also hoping that they wouldn’t mind doing some of the background monitoring for us again while we did this.

They came back and were more that happy to do the monitoring but also offered that we do CGH with them!!! (oh brother). It turns out that these guys have been doing CGH for a few years but didn’t see a benefit over FISH and as it was more expensive, they haven’t been rushing into it. How’s this – they are also thinking of offering fresh and frozen CGH so while that sounds exciting even we have no frikkin idea what is going on.

So we’ve been wandering around this IVF mirror maze and just discovered a whole new area they have been building in the background for people to play in. Its all very new so they are careful who they are chatting to – VIP IVF – how funny. So we googled this to death tonight and have come come away with a mild level of exhaustion, a pile of questions and well… just more questions.

So some brief background for you:

– CGH checks all 46 chromies in any embryo. Sounds good, but takes time, so freezing embryo’s was the only way to do it, but traditional freezing causes Jnr to get icicles sometimes so you can lose up to 30% of your “litter”. Then some bright spark invented vitrification which is some super fast freezing so loss rates are under 10%, so now Mrs IVF’s (of the world) can let the stims flush out of their system, lets the Dr’s play with the kids for a month or so, then you book in (if you have a goodie or 2) and transfer away. Some people say rates are twice as high as normal IVF, but it’s super new, so who knows what it does long term.   Here’s a bit of background -> http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg19325893.900-egg-screening-doubles-ivf-success.html


– fresh CGH, Who knows. I think it’s “array CGH” where they check all cells in 48 hrs. Websites praise it as it does “so much more than CGH” but we don’t really understand it and it has to be knew as any google results are all these impossible to read Dr posts.

Try this ->http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~epxing/Class/10810-05/Lecture11.pdf

Right… now that we have those fitness function formulae sorted…..

On top of this I learnt about PICSI this week which is the same sperm jabbing technique as before but this time they let the fellas swim around in a special dish and the good guys get caught in some form of sperm trap. So you have heard of duck season, deer season etc we now have sperm season for hunting good sperm. I have dubbed this “POWER – ICSI!” (copyright Mr IVF 2009)

So after learning and living IVF and its protocols for 18 months in a few weeks all these new toys turned up in the IVF sandpit.

We will see how we go, we are off to Colorado for our 1 day overhaul next week (Tuesday) and will ping the dr’s out there on all manner of questions.

One niggling thought is that I remember reading the current clinics website around PGD being really great just to find out that Colorado thought PGD was flawed. Was one clinic pushing a betamax when the other guy knew we needed a VHS? And now that we are entering a new generation, how do we know we are not choosing HD DVD when we really want a blu-ray?

I think the next development in all of this is the “KFC methodology” (you heard it here first). You drive up to the little voice box, order what you want (with or without fries) and drive around and pick up a your nice happy healthy little kid (ok, and the fries)… yeah – I frikkin wish.


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