“Mrs IVF … you are clear to land on runway 1”

A couple of days ago Mrs IVF wakes complaining of lack of sleep. Initially it was blamed upon a new thinner summer comforter (or doona as we Australians call it)  – my wife could easily sleep soundly under a 10 ft thick doona  – but later it came out that she was really a bit stressed about how to get all this pre testing sorted for Colorado. Try this:

– She needs to give a blood sample on day 3  of her period to the Colorado crew

– Colorado cant write a script as we aren’t patients yet

– We need to go out for a 1 day test somewhere between day 5 and 13 (or was it 3 and thirteen – I forget. I am not normally this vague but my third brutal 12+ hr day at work this week starts to do this to me)

– Our existing clinic has kindly offered to take the blood but we still need to get it to Colorado.

… and so it goes on.

Mrs IVF took off a half day today to sort out all sorts of things and is now happy and comfortable that we have a plan of attack. It will go like this:

* Period arrives Thursday (tomorrow), blood sample taken from the old clinic crew on Friday, home for freezing, then we’ll take it with us to Colorado (or we can fedex later)

* Period arrives Friday, we are flying to Colorado sat morning and get in at 9am. Need to pick up car, drive 45 mins and be at lab by 10am or we hang around and do bloody next day (appears day 2 or 4 blood is also ok)

* Saturday period – we are screwed as that seems to blow everything up (I think it clashes with work, or planets are aligned in the wrong order, or the worlds polarity shifts or something) so need to cancel the whole trip.

I think around here I lost track a bit. I said to Mrs IVF when prompted if I have any questions, ” Yes” I said ” You are all over this so what do you need from me?”. “We’re good – don’t need anything, I’ll tell you what to do” came the reply. so, with that we finished dinner and we are done. Now we are just waiting for a period.

Doing and IVF cycle is easier than this. Being and air traffic controller at JFK, or London Heathrow or Sydney would be easier than this. Tricky tricky!!!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for your kind words. We have been watching you guys too and often talk about the Mango Princess. Glad to see you are off to another clinic. We are thinking about switching, though not sure. You can read success rates at the CDC website, but honestly how much different can the treatments be…

  2. Anytime, ahh the mango princess, what a great chick. Will let you know how we go and what we discover on the trip and if we think its any different.

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