Hi Ho Hi Ho … Its off to Denver we go

So we waited with baited breath last week for Bloody Mary (sorry – a blokes version of what is known here in the US as “Aunt Flo” or what non fertility impaired folks call “a period”.) We waited right until the last min – 4am saturday  (boy that was fun getting up for) before we canceled the flights.

Not to waste our packed bag we headed up to the Adirondacks on Saturday (5+ hrs drive but well worth it) for the weekend to get some fresh air, climb a mountain and maybe a spot of golf.  The mountain climb was great, we hit a 2,300ft mountain call Haystack mountain. The weather behaved and we had fantastic views, but we nearly didn’t make it. About 97% of the way up there was a lovely view and we almost settled for “this is good enough” but then I chimed in with “listen – not going to the top is like going through a stim cycle and not wanting to do transfer”. No idea where that verbage appeared from but we finished the last 3% and enjoyed significantly better views. I choose to see this as an omen. Then again I a fairly desperate sub fertile male, so anything I can link to a positive omen is done whenever I think of one.

Driving home last night with a mountain of calm still with us  it hit me that we aren’t going to have some regular child, but instead will we have “a gourmet kid, hand made in the mountains of Colorado”. Makes it sound like something I pick up from Wholefoods rather than McDonalds. Its all BS, but we had a good laugh and realise that our “sub fertile” position gives us the opportunity for a ” hand crafted” child like something that Santa’s elves might knock up as a Christmas present. How nice. Yes, I’ll take fries with that please.

So, now that the period is officially here (and it hit me we failed again naturally), the timetabling of our lives resumes. We fly out to Denver Thursday week, (9th July) for tests on Friday and Monday and back Monday night.

We still need to decide if we do Denver or NJ for the next cycle but let them prod and poke us for a few weeks and then we’ll make our minds up.

Not much humor tonight, I think even if we were pregnant I would have a huge case of skepticism until it came out screaming, but I guess that is life for the moment. Not point arguing with it.

Thanks for the votes – appreciate a bit of interaction.


2 Responses

  1. Just wanted to say hello, and wish you well. I am not yet on to IVF myself (IUI #2 on the way), but see it in my future (lucky girl!), and I really appreciate all the info. None of the blogs I’ve read have been so detailed and used such wonderful analogies. Of course, it’s also nice to read a man’s perspective on this whole thing…thanks for sharing and good luck!

  2. Thanks for posting. I have had a long rubbishy day and your post has raised my spirits no end. I am glad the details help, thats great! Good luck with your IUI, hang in there, if you look at Xbox on my links they have had success with IUI so hang in there. Still, if you get a pass to the IVF house of mirrors, I hope this gives you a bit of a trail of breadcrumbs to follow.

    Ah yes – a guys IVF blog is a quietly, lonely place, so thanks again from dropping in and feel free to ask any questions. I might not have the answer, but I will probably have a view (geez – if that helps) and if nothing else, I will try and dig up an analogy 🙂

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