Denver tomorrow

Just a quick post as have just got in from a work trip out of state and need to complete packing before we heads off to Denver tomorrow night. The Mango Princess is very excited as she is singing. She only sings when she is very happy. The fact that she is singing “disturbia” should not be seen as a negative, in fact its quite hilarious. She is pottering around the house and every now and then sort of yells / sings “DIS-TURB-IA” … which considering its the only word anyone can remember in the song, I guess that counts as singing.

I came home tonight to find hotel, car hire, Dr schedules, scans and all sorts of key documents for the weekend incredibly neatly laid out for inspection on the dining room table. It’s like we are packing for a 6 month trip to Africa rather that a 4 day domestic US trip to see a dr (we aren’t even frikkin cycling, its just a round of tests!)

Wish us luck, we’ll report in next week with results of the test, golf scores and if the whitewater rafting adventure on saturday (the Princess 1st ever attempt) is a success. Its good to feel we are again moving forward trying to get to our goal of some form of offspring that will create havok in out lives, (to replace the havok we have trying to create this child).


2 Responses

  1. Glad to hear you are having some fun while there. Colorado is such a beautiful place (though I could do without the crazy weather patterns). Wishing you the best with the clinic there!

  2. Good luck on the trip…hope you get a good plan in place in Denver.

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