Tests, tests and a few more tests (and some results)

Lots going on as the long prep for cycle 5 continues, but here are the soundbites:

Mrs IVF:

* Completed day 3 blood work and sent it to Denver. Massive deal where everything was finely planned. Mrs IVF read the instructions a million times and we even had roles and responsibilities planned for when the FedEx guy buzzed (I answer door, Mrs I attends to the freezer, check, roger that). Sounds anal, but was just exciting to do stuff and we wanted to get it right.

* Blood work results came back and it looks like we got a whole new protocol we have never heard about. We are hoping this might solve the “4,000 E2 level , 17 follicle but only 5 eggs” issue. It appears that Lupron is used as the trigger in this cycle .

Anyway – here’s the link of what we think we will be doing . Warning – floating foetus on this website , (so guess it works for some) ->http://amiracletocome.blogspot.com/2009/07/protocol-details.html.

Called “EPP – estrogen priming protocol”. Seems to be aimed at poor responders, according to the professional blog surfer herself. Expect slower stim is another tip as is “improved embryo quality”. Well, that’s nice.

* HSG – (injected with dye to see if the “chick bits” leak). Done 4 cycles ago but new clinic wants it done again Mrs IVF fainted in the last one. Mrs IVF did it today returned from this session bubbly and happy, where as last time she was delivered wiped out in a wheelchair. Very painful I believe so we celebrated with a Starbucks vivano and Mr IVF delivered a cupcake later (one off treat and non chocolate!)

* MRI scheduled on Thursday. Bit of blood in the wizz. Had this before so Colorado wanted us to go back and ensure this was clear. Not 100% clear from blood test last week , so Kidney dude wants to do an MRI, may be IGA which is some nasty protein disease that Super Gyno (some super specialist Ob/ gyn) says could be an issue when pregnant. Geez – where does this stuff end?

* diet – big focus on eating well. ALL caffeine eliminated. No coffee, tea or even, to Mrs IVF severe disappointment, chocolate.


* Blasted though another baby batter session in Colorado and returned fairly crap results again. Count was around 6 million (20 million  is normal), and the fuckers can’t swim well (motility lower than recommended) and look ugly (no  morphology). Found out people still get pregnant with no morphology  – its an IVF term to look for good looking yogurt seeds – but not a knockout punch. So could be worse, but could be a lot better. Is what it is. Need to win this poker hand with some less than great cards, but hey, its been done before.  I blame the porn on Colorado – all these lesbian vids  don’t generate top notch results I think. (my excuse, prove me wrong)

* Send a batch of batter off for DNA fragmentation test as well and came back with borderline results so we will be doing PICSI (which I call “POWER ICSI”, but means the use some form of trap to capture good healthy looking fellas and keeping them away from the clowns.) Will also be doing something called IMSI that will use some super powerful magnification to also find good guys.Fuck knows how any of this works or fits together.

So it looks like we have gone to Maccas and asked to be super sized and turned out we ordered everything on the menu.

No idea where this will end up, but we need 2 more clearance letters (one from the super gyno and one from the Kidney dude) and a clear HSG we are cleared for takeoff. A fair few potential ugly “ifs” lurking in there we haven’t had clearance on, but we’ll see how things plan out.

If all goes to plan we start “the Easter egg hunt” (monitoring for ovulation)  in about 3-4 weeks. Are we excited again? I guess, I don’t know really. I guess the last batch of hurt is far enough behind us that you forget how bad this can be, so that’s about as ready as we’re likely to get.

Hope all is well for you out there in IVF land.


3 Responses

  1. we did IVF with ICSI without success. All my dudes failed the acrosome reaction…even though I have a high count and they swim ok (not great). Anyway…what the hell is PICSI??? Is that what it’s really called or do you really mean ICSI? Also, I’ve never heard of IMSI….WTF.

  2. A simple explanation is the best you’ll get from me, as I am still wearing training wheels, but here goes. Both techniques are intended to help selection of good baby batter. “Beauty parades” have been the best us blokes have had to date so…..

    PICSI is real. Its a new form of ICSI where they put your yogurt in a special petri dish and the good fellas get caught and thew clowns bump around and hit the wall I suppose.

    My blogroll buddy Murgdan has an excellent post on this


    As for IMSI. Its harder to find stuff on this but basically its super magnification of your fellas to find good guys. Thought the photos in the link below were particularly interesting and there are some lab tests at the end with promising results


    Both of these are pretty new procedures, so no one really knows if they work, but the thinking with us is that anything to help improve the selection process cant hurt. Best of luck – hope this helps.

  3. OMG- you are funny. Your yogurt. LOL!! I didn’t get it the first time I read it…see- I love getting a guy’s view. You guys really keep having it thrown at you! I think it is a good idea to go with CCRM- have read some great stuff about them. GOOD LUCK!

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