Here we go (we think)

In the car on Monday on the way to to Mrs IVF’s HSG we got a call from the elves in the baby factory outlining the protocol, but disappointingly it all started about a month from now. Mrs IVF went back to the elves and asked if we can go earlier if she can wrap up a few letters and test results. The elves went and chatted with the baby makers and they agreed, so I got a very excited call from one Mrs IVF today saying that we have basically started the next cycle. She is very happy and been in a fluster all day working on next steps, (wrapping up results, letters etc).

Good news also came in the form that her HSG came back all clear, so that really is excellent news.

Mr IVF had little to do but think of things that we should be thinking about. However, one task he had to deal was call the business office and talk moula. Hmm, interesting chat, but managed to get a laugh when I asked what sort of payment they take:

“oh, everything except amex”.

“good” i say “So do you have a preference?”

“um, no, you can use any other card you like”

“no, you misunderstand, do you prefer A credit card, having me drop my car off or do you just want to move into my house…”

Few more tests to go and hopefully an all clear, but we are in “ovulation watch” (do I need binoculars?) and tonight we are back on the doryx.

Tickets please, take your seats, oh, look at that, we appear to be back on the roller coaster.


3 Responses

  1. Congrats on achieving positive momentum! Nothing feels better than moving forward. Good luck in this cycle!

  2. Good luck you guys. Your experience has taught my wife and I some “new moves” so to speak. Very educational. Keep us posted. – Jim

  3. LOL!!! Seriously- the whole kit and kaboodle money for an IVF is almost as much as a down payment on a FRIGGIN’ HOUSE! Insane!

    Good luck with this cycle!! I hope the next two lines you see are the vomit inducing, weight gaining, hormone raging with a wee little alien in Mrs. IVFs womb. 🙂

    Look forward to cheering you along.

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