Ding Dong: Now boarding for the baby factory

Sorry for the pause but been busy at work and prepping to see the baby makers and their elves have kept us busy. So, update:

* Most tests past, most Dr letters written, frozen blood received and assessed and amber light to go for the cycle. We just need one more dildo cam tomorrow (fingers crossed) and we are good.

* Period arrived today (1 day early – estrace can do that we read) and is a major relief as the logistics of the week now fall into place. Flight, car hire, hotels, work arrangements etc all line up as planned and we avoid the nightmare scenario of having to delay and delay until it turns up (I think week or so late as of late). Geez – bloke talking about periods, someone get me a plate of hot wings and a beer (oooh, I wish).

* Leave for Denver on Wednesday. We ummmed and ahhhed about flights waiting for “the period” (not wanting to have to do $300 worth of rebooking fees) but took the plunge last night and dropped about $700 bucks on the flights which turned out to be a good call as today the same flights where $1,900. Nice call Mrs IVF.

* I think we start stims this weekend (Sat) but need to hear from the chief elf.

* Will be in Denver for 2 weeks. Hopefully if all goes well we can get a few days R&R at the end of this. We might go for a road trip and go and see Mt Rushmore.

* Detailed calendar in place, (printed in color 5 times – ok – that was overkill by me) which shows all dugs to be taken at what time of day and alarms set on phones as reminder.

* To do list of things we need to clear before we go is in draft. Question: For anyone has flown with IVF drugs in the past, has anyone every had any issues at the airport or got any tips to make sure we don’t have a problem?

That’s about it. Part excited, but probably more apprehensive. We are off to the fork in the road and from here we will learn more about our chances of being biological parents. Also – anytime you get excited about this stuff it smacks you in the face, hard, so everyone is pretty task focused and chilled.

Still – stay tuned, send any spare positive vibes this way if you don’t mind, and I’ll report in again from the land of gourmet hand made children. We’ve been standing at this kiddie deli counter long enough, lets see if we can get our number called.


3 Responses

  1. Sending you both many many positive vibes!

    When I flew with IVF meds and needles, I was nervous about it. But it was not a big deal. When I mentioned to the TSA guy what I had, he said “It’s ok, we don’t need to see any of it. People travel all the time with needles, for diabetes.”

    Good luck, and safe travels!

  2. GOOD LUCK! Wow- two weeks in CO?!? At least it isn’t the middle of winter huh? I hope that you get a little R&R despite what you are going there to do.

    As far as flying with the meds- I would just make sure you have any paperwork needed to say they are hers, etc.


  3. Good luck with the travels and the start of the IVF cycle.

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