“Take the shot – now”

Scan results this AM:

– 22 follicles (found 4 more than the mechanic found yesterday)

– E2 – 1,700 ; LH 18 (hmm – ovulation warning!). Any ideas on an LH of 18 on day 6 of stims and how good / bad that is?

So we got the nurse call this PM – “take Cetrotide now”. We cracked the box, read the instruction guide we got from the elves, checked out the online training and jabbed away – carefully – but with haste.

According to Mrs IVF (our in house drug lord), Cetrotide (or some spelling there of) is the handbrake we are using this cycle to stop ovulation. Ok, good to know. The E2 is way up from yesterday and we appear to be back in the follice generating jet stream.

So.. that’s the punchline… back to this morning….

We met our backup elf this morning (our normal elf was on her day off) and we met a trainee elf as well. (fine with us – the more elves the better, but disappointing that none wear elf hats). We went through the scan and it was interesting as they (a) take more time to scan that the mechanic or the dr’s did at the previous clinic and (b) they measure both the length and width of the follice – not just the length. I feel more comfortable about the measurements here than the mechanic’s fast paced “yoda vs dark sith light sabre” efforts we have been through before.

The elves were very helpful. They went over the plan, checked we had enough drugs, needles, swabs, appointments, cash etc. We discussed jab techniques, future appointments and well, as ever we always seem to get chatting about accents. (Australian accents, with a Hoboken NJ address up here in “baby factory in the mountains” territory is quite rare I am thinking). The prediction from the elves was that we might see a drop back in stims but we’ll see what the baby makers come back with.

As it turns out the baby makers kept the stims at the level we had yesterday so we are drving the IVF bus with both feet slammed on the accelerator and brakes at the same time.

Mrs IVF is doing ok, but is starting to show signs of fatigue. She is wiped out fairly easily and the other day managed to pull off the amazing feat of looking a bit white and pale, but only on the left cheek. Work that out. We are competing with each other to out drink ourselves on water. We must have had gallons of water so far today. The elves asked her to drink a lot not being used to conditions up here in the baby making mountains, so she is drinking like a camel. Mr IVF, never wanting to be left out, is gulping as much as I can as well, as well, I’m sure it helps the boys swim or something.

Who knows how many good eggs are lurking in these follicles, but well, 1 day at a time.

oh – 1 last thing – we paid the bill today as well. When she handed me back my card I jumped up in my chair a bit and said “ouch, that credit card is hot, I think you burnt a hole in it”. She laughed, well, we all did, but the I wasn’t joking really. I buried the receipt in my wallet and tried to forget about it by challenging Mrs IVF to a water sculling championship.



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