Shooting up at 12,000ft and a visit from Karma?

Just a quick update. The last few days we have maintained the 2 vials of Menopur in the morning and 300 gonal F in the evening. Last night we dropped it all right back to just 75 of Gonal F and only 1 vial of Menopur this AM. We were a little surprised at first (and had to listen to the voice mail a few times) but realised that it really shouldn’t be a surprise. Mrs IVF has around 25 follicles all up around 15-16MM and this morning we found out her E2 jumped up… trend has been 1,700, 1850 and yesterday it hit 2550,  so no wonder the tempering back.

Looks like we will stim again tonight and then trigger Monday night, which is right on 10 days of stims which they told us is a usual cycle. One of the stand in elves told us this am that the follicles were looking excellent and you could hear real excitement in her voice. “You look to be right on track and that is very rare around here”,  says the stand-in-for-the long-weekend elf.  Mrs IVF and I dont feel it. We are too anxious that mother nature is going to nail us with a brick at any point.

Another really weird thing we have noticed is that there are very few people who seem to be stimming with us (ok – thats not so weird) but that we don’t see the same people at the same time for scans each day is a bit strange.

Yesterday we headed up into the mountains and did the 12,000ft road over the continental divide through the Rocky Mountains National Park. 2.5 million people a year do this trip so its pretty popular and we can see why. It is a really stunning trip. We had a good day and from time to time pulled over to administer shots. No more dull shots in the kitchen for us, we did the Cetrotide at 11,700 ft yesterday afternoon looking out at a stunning view of some of the 12,000+ ft peaks that are in the park. Now thats the view to do drug injections to!

On the way back we stopped in at a tiny but pristine village in a gorge called Black Hawk. It was so pristine you could tell from the edge of town exactly what sort of town it was – a casino town. We stopped in to one of the casinos as the endless water drinking needed an outlet. We also put $10 in a slot machine and on the 3rd spin won $69.20. So we laughed, cashed in and left town fast! We invested our winnings in a very nice steak dinner last nioght.  Pie – maybe you were right about your Karma call after all. ( Mrs IVF is hoping we didn’t just use up all our luck.


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  1. Sounds like all is going well, and you managed to squeeze in some sightseeing. All excellent news! That is a spectacular view, though I’ve only seen it in the dead of winter. I imagine this time of year it’s beautifully green. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. What’s next on the sightseeing to do list?

  2. Nope, karma doesn’t work like that, it is not finite, so you can’t use it all up. As long as you keep putting it out there, it will come back to you. And it sounds like you both have been shoveling out into the world for awhile, and are now seeing it come back to you when it matters most. And in casinos too. 🙂

    So glad to hear it – what a great cycle! Can’t wait to hear the ET results.

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