Enter the coasting leopard

We packed up the ice pack full of drugs  and headed off into the mountains again yesterday. After swinging through the north west on Saturday, we headed south west yesterday and crircled up notrh up through the ski fields. We stopped around 2.30 in the middle of nowhere and took the shot of Cetrotide. Todays view was of an enormous field with a stunning forrest of pines in the background. Futher back a thunderstorm was rumbling over yet another series of gorgeous mountain. Beautiful stuff. On the other side of the road was a paddock with around 1 dozen cows starting at us and wondering what we were up to. Clearly either excited by our presence or just bored,  a few of them were particulalry horny and just got into it. Well, tried to get into it. We took this as a good omen. Some sort of planets aligning type thing. Cows humping in a paddock and Mrs IVF taking more IVF related drugs in her pin cushion gut merely meters away in this beautiful setting. A message from the horny cow gods of Colorado that they are with us no doubt.

Our elf called around 2pm yesterday with another vmail telling us no stims at all overnight. Oh boy.  We listened to it again, yep, no Menopur and no gonal F, just keep on the Cetrotide (which keeps the ovulation at bay). Our 1st thought “what must the E2 be?”. Mrs IVF proceeded to tell me that in IVF blogland this is knows as “coasting” and is quite common. We have no idea if it’s successful, but well, at least we arent going to cook Mrs IVF organs as quick as we would at the prevailing stim levels.

So on the way into scans this am we kicked off a game of E2 bingo. (Remember the last 3 days? 1,700; 1,850; 2,550. ) Mrs IVF Final offer: 3,400. Mr IVF’s locked in bid: 3,200. Result: 4,500. We should have phoned a friend. We weren’t even close.  Wow – time to get on the gatorade big time.

The scan yesterday showed an enormous pile of black holes which reminded me a of a wildlife show we were watching last night. “I think my ovaries look like a leopard” says Mrs IVF as we watch said creature with her cub trying to gnaw through some frozen prey on some tundra somewhere snowy and cold looking. “A leopard” says Mr IVF, leaving it there and pondering the similarities and wondering what sort of side effect these drugs have and if recognizing yourself as a leopard, is one of the more common ones.

This morning as our scanning elf tried to count all the follies at the same time recounting her recent trip to Australia, Mrs IVF leant over to the hub chair and with a grin in her heads said “see, told you, Leopard”.

We’ll, dear leopard, you have reached the peak of your stim mountain and your trigger is scheduled. 10pm tonight for the tigger for a 9am retrieval on Wednesday.

Here we go again, the rollercoaster is just about to peak. Hang on folks, the leopard and her wing man are going for a ride.


4 Responses

  1. Oh, how exciting!! Wishing you the best of luck!

  2. Great news! Can’t wait to hear the retrieval numbers, do you guys have a bet on the final tally too? Like with the e2?

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you both!

  3. Good luck! May the leopard bring many, many, many good, beautiful, eggs!

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