Hurdle 1: The leopard loses her spots

Since the last post, I triggered the leopard right on time at 10pm (central baby factory time) and all seemed to got to plan. The only prob was that the trigger pumps even more stims into Mrs IVF which was now starting to worry us as the old E2 was still heading for outer space. Last time I posted I left you hanging at a level somewhere in the 4,000’s. Well, the E2 queen went on to hit 5,300 and then she hit a very impressive 7,900 on Tuesday. Holly shit. So apart from the trigger she hadnt really been on a stims since Saturday, so one hell of a coast you have going on there Mrs IVF.

So the last few days have been pretty chilled. With E2 levels in outer space its been a slow few days on the lounge, in bed, back on the lounge and then, oh , well, back to bed for her for another sleep.

So we headed into the baby factory today to kick this rollercoaster off and see what the baby makers could do. 1st hurdle – egg retrieval. Team Leopard’s record to date is 15 on cycle 1 followed by 11,10 and 5 in subsequent cycles.

We met a whole new bunch of elves that live on the second floor in the surgery that are just as delightful as the ones downstairs. Everyone is so frikking lovely and nice out here in the baby factory. Before our legend leopard superstar headed into the surgery we met a new baby maker we hadnt met before. Nice enough guy, but worried about the hyperstim risk … “from where I stand I can see the train wreck risk of where you are going”. Fair enough. The leopard then raised a great question, “as my E2 is so high, what are the chances I have over cooked the eggs?”.. “no chance” says the baby maker, so that was that. The sleep elf  enters and inserts the sleep juice into the leopards IV and its good night to all.

While our leopard legend was off counting eggs in her sleep, Mr IVF headed to the porn den to do his duty and then headed off to the waiting room re living past waiting rooms and reading your posts on his iphone trying to stay calm and not think of the 5 egg retrieval shit show we had last time. Everyone (our IVF elf, geneticist elf, the dildo cam elves, even the guy in the burger king drive thru (he wasnt an elf)) have all thought we would get a very good egg count this time, but as long term readers are no doubt sick of me bleating on about, we had E2 of 4,000 last cycle and only 5 eggs retrieved out of 18 x 18mm follicles, so who knows how this would play out.

Mrs IVF’s elf  appears.

Mr IVF: “How’s the leopard?”  Elf: “sleepy, but she’s good”…. pause…. elf: ” She has good news for your, I am not going to tell you, she can tell you when you get to her bed.”

Instantly there is a floor, some sort of base under my feelings, I feel like I am standing again on some form of semi solid ground and the free-falling tummy feeling is dissipating. Some sort of inner calm suddenly appeared from somewhere without even knowing how many eggs she got. The “5 egg fiasco” has not been repeated it the 1st response my brain can come up with, it has to be better than that, surely…

We arrive, bedside…

One very groggy (spot free ) leopard looks up, brings a weak smile to her face and says one number: “25”

“Holly shit!”, Mr IVF drops out there casually and maybe a little too loudly. (fyi – no egg bingo was played due to the high chances of emotions being shredded, but a poll of the IVF team post retrieval lead to a conclusion that our wildest thinking would have peaked around 10-15) 

The baby maker dropped around and said “I have lost count, but they are still shifting through the follilce good and are up around 26-27.” The embryolgist babymaker / elf (not sure where they fit, they are probably the true baby makers) dropped around  and confirmed the 25 – a personal best for Mrs IVF. Mr IVF also managed to knock out a 10million sample of baby batter so a PB there as well. (3 million higher that previous PB on my backup store on Friday and around double the long term average) 

So – one hurdle down but oh boy, we have so far to go and we know mother nature and her bricks live around here, so we are very very happy for where we stand with two PB’s in a day but know all too well how any sort of positivity can be snatched away from you at any point.

So here are the remaining hurdles:

hurdle 2: # mature (tomorrow)

hurdle 3:  # fertilized (tomorrow)

hurdle 4: # that make it to blast for microarray testing (Monday)

hurdle 5: get 1 or 2 for transfer back in. (4-6 weeks from now)

Here’s the punchline if we can get through these next 4 hurdles we have a 77% chance of pregnancy and a 73% chance of going full term. (These pretty amazing  stats are based on an average age of 38 y.o and 1.9 transfers, which is the population that has been through thsi to date)

So there it is in black and white. Thanks (again) for your kind and positive posts.


5 Responses

  1. OH WOW! Good job on an excellent passing of the first hurdle. I think you’ve got so much height now the rest of the hurdles will need little jumping. You could well be on your way. 🙂 Congrats to both of you on getting this far!

  2. That is phenomenal! Sounds like Colorado was the right choice for Team Leopard! How very, very exciting!

  3. Hurray hurray hurray!!!!!! 25 big ones! HOLY LEOPARD! Good job! I’m so happy for you guys in making the first hurdle. Dance with the demons in your head and put on a big SMILE! 🙂

  4. 25 leopard spots are awesome!

    Thanks for the painting such a vivid picture of the process. I felt I was right there with you!!


  5. Whoooooo-hoooooooo!!!! 25!!!! OMG, so so so wonderful!! Can’t wait to hear the updates, I continue to have a very good feeling about all of this.

    How is Mrs. IVF recovering? Any signs of OHSS? Send her good recovery wishes from me!

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