Hurdle 2 & 3

So our spot free leopard headed back to the baby factory today to see if she is building any form of internal fluid lake. The poor thing has been in pretty excruciating pain and spend every awake moment since retrieval, well,  pretty much asleep, or trying to roll around in bed or just grunting as some form of random pain hits.

The scan was straightforward and as ever they took heaps of angles and thankfully found no internal fluid lake, so poor old Mrs IVF felt bad that we went down there for a scan if she didnt really have any problems (hello? – she is in huge pain from having her ovaries bombarded with a needle – the pain is legitimate darl!).

We needed to pick up some extra drugs so we headed down to the drug store to try to burn a new hole in the credit card. We succeeded. “Sorry buddy your insurance doesnt cover it, but I’ll give you a special price of just over $700 – thats nearly $100 off! for 6 tiny viles of sugar” gloats the chemist with a bright shiny gold teeth grin. Just like  that the guy on the muppet show who had a hat and played the piano. He never spoke, he just smiled all the time and showed his perfect teeth.  Remember him?

I also learnt the meaning today of ” a leopard never changes her spots”…well nearly.. Our legend leopard was not keen on eating and yours truly was determined to get some salt into her (dr’s orders!). We had a very civil conversation about it as we headed to the muppet show that was clearly very productive: ” I think you need some salt,how about a hash brown”. “No, I dont want anything” ” I think you need salt” ” I dont want anything” ” I think you need…” ” I do need to toilet though” “oh, I know just the place”…

So with a goodie bag of salt laden fried potato we headed back to the hotel. On the way back, we got THE call. Mrs IVF reaches for her phone, looks at it, says “here we go” and then proceeds to answer it.

Mr IVF, trying to negotiate 65 lanes of interstate traffic (what is it with these enormous roads in this country) and trying to avoid every bump on the road (as each bump gets a groan from Mrs IVF) tries really hard to focus on the road but is truly glued to the call:

“hi, leopard here, yes, oh, Hi elf, yes, no not feeling great, yes, thats what the nurse said, ah ha, oh, really, well, hmmm, oh, thats interesting, mmm”….

time hast literally stopped. This conversation feels like it’s going on forever (when so far its gone 3 seconds)

“yes, well, oh thats interesting… wow, oh, really.. thats very good.. yes, oh yes, ooh, ah well, excellent. Ok thanks”….

(in hindslight she now realises mentioning numbers might have been handy for the rest of us in the jeep)

the invisible calm is back. It’s the same feeling as yesterday, I know nothing new, but my hyperactive brain is in analysis overdrive, but as yesterday’s feeling never left, it literally feels like a stronger floor, a step up, something more solid and here are the 1st words, I kid you not, from our poor tired and slightly wiped out leopard:

“sorry I didnt ask more questions… I dont feel so great”

“numbers, numbers what are the numbers my love!!!!”

“oh, 23 mature and 17 fertilized”

Holly shit. Hurdle 2 and 3. Tick. Big tick.

We drove on for a bit further and if it wasnt for the leopards keen eye I would have missed our exit off the interstate. In fact, I probably would  have only realised something was not right when I hit the Mexican border (or just ran out of fuel).

So clearly, these are stunning results and we were speachless in the car. Just holding hands with a dumb grin on our heads with the gentle scent of deep fried potatoe lurking on the edge of our senses as we  repeated the numbers 23 and 17 randomly every few mins.

Still – we’ve all seen this movie before so we still need to pass 3 more big tests – get to blast, pass genetic testing and then a bloody successful pregnancy would be nice!!! We are no where near out of the woods and this feeling of comfort has been a false floor before. So the apprehension is high but as a good mate said to me last night “if it all goes to shit, you will feel horrible, so if it’s going good, enjoy it and allow yourself to feel good.  Dont fight it. Deal with the down if it fucks up, but enjoy feeling good about life for once.”

So there it is, the stim queen strikes again, lets hope these little mini us’s have the legs (well cells have stamina) to keep going.

Driving around tonight there was a stunning sunset over the Rockies. It reminded me of the sunset on day 1 of our 1st ever cycle. Equally as awesome. I went home and told Mrs IVF back in cycle 1 that this was some form of message from god that our child was downloading (sort of like itunes). The funny thing was – that cycle was the one Mrs IVF got pregnant (and later miscarried – download got disrupted). So here’s hoping this is an omen that will repeat itself (and we get the full song this time)

oh – looks like the IMSI and PICSI seemed to help as well as this % level of fertilisation is a little higher than normal, but who knows if thats statistical or just luck.

Thanks again for your notes. Mrs IVF thanks you for your kind words and asking how she is. 23 out of 25 and 17. wow. Just wow. Your well wishes and positive vibes are clearly coming through strong.


6 Responses

  1. Well. This just keeps getting better and better. Hope things continue along that path…Waiting and watching with you!

  2. Awesome! That is a great maturity rate and an even better fert rate! Still feeling very positive about this cycle!

    Tell the Mrs. that I had the same awful painful experience after my IVF #2 retrieval. Went in and was scanned, and they said no OHSS. But man, I was in serious pain. And bloated. It took about 2-3 days to feel back to normal, so tell her to drink lots of water and rest.

    Can’t wait to hear the day 3 update!

  3. That’s amazing news and definitely a huge leap in the right direction! I’m so sorry that Mrs. IVF is in such pain and discomfort. I hope the fried potatoes and salt helped the situation. Not that it sounds like either of you were feeling any pain after that great news. Your mate is a wise one. Ride that wave!


  4. Woa. Blows me away that your previous 4 cycles seem to have fewer and fewer numbers and then the super baby factory got a HUGE number. What magic sauce are they using that the other clinic didn’t do? Please share so I can orientate our baby factory (2 failed attempts). My wife and I are watching closely…keeping good thoughts for you guys.

  5. Yay! That’s great news. Fingers crossed for the next step…

  6. I’m really hoping that this is the one for you. I just have a feeling. The news is great, and even though it’s early it brings a smile and hope for the rest of us!! I hope the Mrs. is feeling better. We are all rooting for you!!

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