Day 3 update

We didnt get a call on day three yesterday so we popped down to the baby factory to see if they can give us an update (they dont really answer the phones on weekends and Mrs IVF, after sleeping 70 of the last 72 hrs, really needed some fresh air). They were busy prepping for morning retrievals, so promised to call us later..

We headed out of the baby factory and just drove around for a while. Within an hr we got the call and Mrs IVF, even though she promised that this time she would quote numbers, all Mr IVF got was the “good, oh, ah thanks” routing again, but she did have her notebook and pen out and managed to write down “good news!” so again, the confidence went up.

Mrs IVF hangs up the phone, looks up and says..

“hey whats that?” as she points out the car. I look around and see some small little groundhog like thing that stands up on its hind legs. Very cute, we look around and see 4 or 5 of the in their burrows…

“how about the results?” I politely nudge. “oh yeah, sorry, damn this will go in the blog” says Mrs IVF. So….

they are expecting to see them at a 6-8 cell stage growth. Out of 17 embryos, all are still going!! 3 are a little slow and a little bit delayed / fragmented, (but that is normal the elf tells us and they may catch up). 2 are a 10 cells and 1 is powering along at 12 cells. The elf thinks that the 12 and maybe 10  cell ones are bad genetically as its common that the bad ones go a bit nuts before imploding (and here we were at the last clinic thinking these turbo ones were preferable.)

So assuming these all keep going well we hit biopsy tomorrow.

We continue to be blown away at our progress so the fall from here will be large and painful. Very painful. You also think that you have 17 kids out there. As Mrs IVF said (who is far more chatty these days now she is awake for more than 3 mins) – “geez – we have enough kids for our own reality TV show”. See how this thing seeps optimism into your brain… its very very dangerous. Still – as my mate says – enjoy it while you can. We can go and pick up the pieces later.

For those of you reading this thinking “wow I want that sort of success” I dont know if it’s the baby factory or if we just got lucky, but we have been reading blogs for 2 years and seeing heaps of success. So if it can happen to us, shit, it really can happen to anyone, but lets see, We have such a long way to go.

Mrs IVF is eating again but her sweet tooth has completely left her but has developed a nasty taste for Mc Donalds nuggets. She is still in a lot  of pain and doesnt want to walk far, but she is on the mend.


2 Responses

  1. Hmmm…wonder if this is why my zooming ahead of all the rest embryos transferred on the first cycle failed (and to be honest, I didn’t see much of an inner cell mass on either of them)…yet our somewhat slower yet still on track frozen embies did the trick (so far). Interesting….

    Glad things are still going well. My fingers are crossed they will continue to go well. Nuggets….eeeww.

  2. Cruising along, looking good! And all those craving, they are just getting you prepared for 9 months of pickles and ice cream 🙂

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