Dancing on eggshells

The elf just called. We had 5 reach blast today and were biopsied and others that are in early blast stage and hope make it tomorrow so can be biopsied. Mrs IVF didnt ask anymore than that, this is all out of our hands now anyway, so maybe we should just forget about it for 4-6 weeks and wait for another phone call to see how we go after mircoarray. Mrs IVF was very happy with her 5 blasts and reminded me how big a deal that was (and that the old clinic didnt think we could hit blast at all). I think I am just fed up with all of this. At the end of the day we have been incredibly fortunate to have such large numbers to play with but it always just seems to come down to a few embryos and living with minced nerves, (oh, and I am not the one who has had their body treated like a lab rat who has developed a nasty nugget addiction, so what do I have to complain about.)

We’ll see how we go I guess. We are still taking steps forward and for that I need to get out of my huff and remember that we are still in the game and that, to be fair, is huge.


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