Final biopsy results

So yesterday I left you feeling a bit flat with 5/17 biopsied and a promise f rom the elf that they’ll see if any more made blast today.

Mrs IVF was stoked with the 5 and I guess I was flat thinking that our stellar run had hit a wall with 12 dropping away. I did some research last night and found out that 30-35%, max 40% of day 3 kids make full blast. So 5 is actually pretty good and I realised after hitting the running machine in the gym for an hr I was foolish not doing some research and setting my expectations better. Also, we might get another 1 or 2 today and that would be nice, but we’ll take the 5 and remember that our old clinic didnt think we could make blast.

The call comes in this morning and Mrs IVF was showering so I answered it. On the other end was a lovely elf who was warming me up like you see in reality TV shows just after a TV ad break “now if you recall before the break, you had 25 eggs, 23 mature, 17 fertilize and we biopsied 5 yesterday…” “yep, I recall that” “…. and we promised to call you today to see if any more made it to blast….” “yep, got it”, “…well this is that call..” “great ok” “…and I’m about to tell you if we got any others…” “yep, yep , sure, yes” … it wasnt anywhere near that bad but it felt like it. Time stopped. Heart sank a bit, you new it was a big call, but we had 5 in the bag so anything else was a bonus….

“we biopsied  6”

“thats great”

“on top of the 5 we did yesterday”

Whoa.(and dare I use my catch phrase again). Holy shit.

So 11/17 got biopsied in the end – 69%! Unbelievable result

“You should be very happy with that, we dont often see results like that” says the elf.  We were ecstatic. Mrs IVF enters the room and I am frantically writing down grades and asking heaps of questions and she is looking at me with the “so, how many?” look. I continue my chat with the elf “yes, hmm, wow, interesting, thanks” with a somewhat cheeky grin on my head that gets a rolled eye response.

We dropped in to see the genetic elf this AM and ask some questions. She hadnt heard about the 11, and in fact thought we had dropped in as something had gone bad. When we told her she was very excited.. “it has been a very long time since we have biopised 11, we normally do 3, 4 or 5”

So 3 didn’t make blast and 3 were lower quality. (a 3DC, a 4CC and a “too poor”)… they think these 3 poor guys wont survive a freeze / thaw so didnt biopsy them.  So actually thats 14/17 made blast – which is an even more ridiculous success %

So a bit about the scoring (in non technical, Mr IVF speak):

3 = fat outershell , 4 thin outershell, 5 hatching (higher # the better) ; 1st letter: quality of baby bit of embryo: A  – top rating, lots of cells, neatly packed will grow up to star on baywatch, B: lots of cells but not as dense (very fine distinction between these two “but we are picky” says the elf – so probably more a game show host) 2nd letter: quality of the trifectadermbloganodulethingo that will form to be the placenta bits: A and B as per the before. So we got:

2X 5AA (bursting out and “we need to watch them if we put them back in as they are a little sticky” – we like sticky), 2 x 5 AB, 1x 5BA, 1 x 5BB, 1 x 4AA, 3 x 4 BB and I wrote 6BA but have no idea what 6 means now, so that could just have been a blur from the moment.. so some very nice results in there with 6 hatching.

Our genetic elf says that they normally get 50% good back from testing so hopefully we can keep this strong run up.

Still – they were buzzing in the clinic this AM but Mrs IVF and I remain cautious as ever. I think we will remain this way until these kids graduate from college.

Murgdan: I asked a few questions around speedy kids. It appears that some speedies  have issues but others are …. well.. boys. (Our 12 cell day 3 zippy turned into a nice 4AA – which makes him / her sound like a type of battery), but I asked our genetic elf if more boys or girls are products of the baby factory and she said its very very even but ever so slightly favors boys as boys have been noticed to develop faster very early in embryo development so often get picked more often (but not necessarily through CGH). So she said it’s a fine line between turbo’s that have genetic problems and turbos that are well, just boys. Thought you’d appreciate that.

So results back in 4 weeks or so and back to NY tomorrow. One remaining issue is Mrs IVF’s nugget addiction but we’re working on that.


8 Responses

  1. More awesome news! Those are great results to head home on. Congrats 🙂

  2. Holy shit, indeed! I have never ever heard of such a great blast rate. You guys must just be on cloud 9, or should I say cloud 11?


  3. Off the chart! Glad to hear the results are positive. So what’s with the theory that success rates are higher when implanting from a frozen state vs. same cycle. I would think the development at time of freeze or same cycle implantation would be the same…or do they develop more once thawed? Also…when my wife and I were given the results of our blast…they only gave a simple 1-5 scale. I particularly would like to have been educated before a decision had to be made about: 1) That a 1-5 scale exists and you need to make a decision on the spot, 2) that it’s a simple 1-5 scale and not a deluxe “battery naming” convention (4AA etc)… Lastly…although my clinic is rated top in the pacific nw region, my wife and I are very frustrated with the lack of education of the process/procedure/tools to make decisions/etc etc. Granted the people at the clinic are nice and the overall the experience has been “acceptable”; but when dropping 17K + on a invasive, emotional roller coaster…I EXPECT (or maybe assume): more 1 on 1, they have a vested interest in getting you pregnant feeling, not just a number or “customer”…

    We have “only” gone through 2 so far…but I get pissed about the whole situation. I guess reading your journey (IVF #5) has brought some old feelings back….good and bad. Thanks for sharing and educating us!

  4. So so happy for you two! And thanks for the info…maybe my slow 6 day embie is a girl? 🙂

  5. Cool stats. When do you tranfer?

  6. Normally “fresh is best” is the rule we have lived with but with vitrification (this new super freeze method), they have such a low loss rate, that the baby factory thinks that having time for all the stims to leave your system is actually a bonus. (so who knows) As for the “battery scale” this is the 1st cycle we have had any grading at all. Last clinic wouldnt tell us anything like this, so its a clinic by clinic thing. Our approach to info is this: learn from websites and other peoples stories and use those as discussions amongst ourselves to see what we would do and what worked for them (for example – we are pretty heavy on the genetic testing front while others arent). We use that to hit the clinics with questions, but at the end of the day you are dealing with dr’s and a group of people who take this very serioulsy but arent necessarily the grandmother soft cuddly type. They, the clinics, will be happy to help with any questions you have but at the end of the day this is a pretty lonely, sloooow and painful journey each couple takes on this. Speak to different clinics and different people. There is so much new development going on in IVF these days that your best weapon is understanding as much as possible from many different angles.

  7. I am have been horrible at commenting, but I am reading your journey on my RSS feed on my crackberry. YEAH!! I am sending lots of good thoughts your way. Your posts just crack me the heck up!!! I am lurking now, but cheering you on!!

  8. […] The wizard and baby maker (Dr) decided to defrost the 4AA and a 5AB (Here’s a post explaining how blast grading works: […]

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