Results are in

I was in the middle of a pile of work this AM and juggling calls when Mrs IVF called. I thought she was just returning an earlier call when at the end of the conversation she said “would you like to know the results from the elf”.. “THE elf?”  I say, “yes, she called”. Straight away I could tell from her tone it wasn’t horrific news, “Sure”, I say. “6” says Mrs IVF, “and one no result” – so 7 / 11 I guess at a stretch. Excellent results and Mrs IVF has been dancing and very happy all day long.

I guess I just had a blow up day at work today and didnt get time to think about it, which is a bit of a weird way of saying I don’t want to think about it. Thinking about it, will only lead to optimism and optimism and confidence in IVF leads to some fantastic falls. The only thought I could think about on the bus on the way home (as it sunk in and tried to hide some mild tears and weeping at just how big this is) was “wow – the fall from here must really hurt”.

Maybe I’ll lighten up in a few days but every other piece of optimism I have ever had in IVF has ended in tears, in fact only when I let my guard down does the worst happen. So, ok, this thing is clearly messing with my head, but the news is very very good and we are very happy to still be in the game, but who knows what happens from here. Still if we got 0,1, 2 etc we would have been in pieces, so in hindsight, I dont know what would have made me doing cartwheels today.

Sorry if I should be more upbeat, just give me time.


4 Responses

  1. That is fan-freaking-tastic news! We are out here being chipper and happy for you. 😀 And, I am so glad that Mrs.IVF has been dancing around all day. She deserves to have the happy moment away from worry.

    I think sometimes the pressure of being positive when you really don’t feel that way is complete crap. You feel what you feel. You’ve been through this and know the emotional risk. Because of that, I think you get to feel however guarded or open you want to be.

    One more step down. Yay!

  2. Yay! Great news!! Wow…that seemed fast. I’m sure it seemed extremely slow to you though! Soooo? When does the rest of the action happen around here? 🙂

  3. I’ll be happy and optimistic for you!! That is wonderful spectacular news! And fast results, which I am selfishly glad to hear too!

    I do fully understand the feeling of dread with good news. It is a normal side effect of going thru all of these IVFs. Allowing in hope opens us up for destruction. I get it. But try to let a little in, never before have the odds been so much in your favor.

  4. Now that we are in the L…O…N…G wait for microarray results, I can truly appreciate how awesome this news was. And of course…now I know that awesome outcome too! Totally get the fear that if you get your hopes up only devastation can follow. That as you know, has been our repeated experience as well. I know you’re not on this blog anymore and are on to greener (and soon to be diapered) pastures, but just wanted to say thinking of you. it’s soo cool knowing you’re out the other side.


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