Got my head around this a bit better

I think a good nights sleep helps. I am sure I had some outlandish dreams last night, (who knows what goes on in that head of mind when I am not awake to keep an eye on it) but woke up this am, thought about the situation, pinged Mrs IVF when I got to work and declared that, you know what, we are very lucky to be where we are and apologised for coming to the party a day late.

Jen – you bet one more step. Thanks for standing in and being chipper while I was off making up disaster scenarios in my head. Much appreciated.

Murgdan – yeah it does seem fast, but the stress in your head over that time does weigh on you (like crap golf scores on Monday… well that’s my excuse)

Pie – you win the word of the day with “destruction”. That nails exactly the fear I think I was trying to get my head around last night. Some form of pure destruction that I have no idea how we will come back from.

Well – who knows, but today the sun came back out in  Mr IVF’s head, (people who speak in the 3rd person generally freak me out by the way) … so life goes on and we’ll take it as it comes.

Murg ..(oh – Australian men have a habit of shortening names – it’s a sign of respect and friendship, so all is good), in answer to your question: Next steps:

– supreme lining building post Mrs IVF’s next period

– decision on 1 or 2 to transfer (ah, that reminds me to cancel my NY Times subscription – thanks)

– transfer booked in at the baby factory on 12/14

– pregnancy test on 12/23 and backup on 12/25 (ho ho ho, or no no no?)

One last thing. I ran a decision tree / stats model last night (ok yes – bloke blogs on IVF are different aren’t they!) and if my calcs are right (which  I doubt) from what the baby factory told me,  (i.e. we have a 73% success rate per cycle of going full term if two kidsicles are transferred) then with the 6 kidsicles we have (and assuming we lose none in the thaw) we have a 98.8% of one of these six kids turning into a fully grown wiggles watching nugget. Now that kind of blew my mind, and made me check the math over and over. Theoretical stats are one thing, Mother nature and her bricks are another and we have had some sort of netflix type subscription with her of late.

One very last thing: I realise there are lots of folks out there having a harder day than us at the moment, but I guess in the past, Mrs IVF and I have had hard days as well. I hope nothing in here comes across as gloating. I think that is why sometimes I feel bad being positive. I mean nothing at all in a gloat way, its more just relief and maybe a bit of hope for some of you, as it is hope for us. If we can get this far after 2-3 years and our 5th cycle I hope we can keep going to show others that this can work.


4 Responses

  1. 98.8% Wow. + You have dates! [happy dance]

    Your good news helps me too. It gives me hope that if this regular type of IVF cycle doesn’t work for me, then there might be something else out there that could help. So don’t feel bad for jumping on the party bus for the good news. 😀

  2. I’m hoping for ho ho ho myself. And gloating….seriously? I think you know this isn’t that. We all know it too. And check out this blog (if you haven’t come across it before)….just transferred a perfect CGH embryo at the baby-factory and voila! Finally!

    Hope I’m reading a similar post from you around Christmas…except we don’t really need to see your belly. 🙂

  3. I think it is perfectly awesome your feelings. Gloating not at all man. I just dies when you ran your stats model though, definitely a man thang huh? We, ladies run stats but usually base them off online resreach or something far less fancy than a program designed to do it. LOLLLL Sending great vibes to you and mrs. ivf from Cairo.

  4. actually many women also do ivf stats decision trees. and then we wake up in the middle of the night realizing that the stats we did in school all made the assumption that the probabilities were all independent and uncorrelated. and looking closely at even a single clinic’s stats you realize this is not the case for ivf. so sadly the chances with 3 transfers of 2 cgh-approved blasts each with 73%odds won’t really be as high as 98.03% overall.

    but i have peeked ahead and know that things seem to have worked out well for you! so i can leave this bummer of a comment.

    i should have taken more stats so i could figure out what the correlation actually is for the 30 or so couples ccrm published details on…because math at least has ground truth answers, unlike “should i cycle again and try ccrm even though it may leave me more sad and broke and bitter?”

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