Chatted with the baby maker

Hi there gang,

Today we had a chat with the baby maker out in the gourmet  mountain kiddie factory. After as few weeks of 1 vs 2 we are still no closer to a decision. For those of you who posted your thoughts –  thankyou so much. Mrs IVF and I have read them many times just to see the diversity of perspective. If nothing else – it just proves that there is no one correct answer.
So we spoke with the crafty guy who heads the baby school in the mountains today. Nice guy and always just says it straight up. There was no American Idol type hype where he was yelling down the phone that we are through to the next round and it’s a dead cert we would get there. No no no, 6/7 embies or not, we are still not pregnant and who knows what sort of curveballs (sorry – watching the baseball) can hit from here.

Anyway – after thinking 1 (more Mrs IVF camp) vs 2 (more Mr IVF camp) mrs IVF drops the warmup swing “so we wanted to chat with you on the cycle to date and get your view of what we do from here”… and our baby maker delivered the curve ball “well, the only decision left is how many to transfer and I would be thinking 2 or 3”.

oh boy… I could hear Mrs IVF fall off her chair in the other room.

He continued “well you have had transferred10 , 7 non PGD, 3 PGD, and well, you haven’t had a lot luck in 3 cycles ” (recall cycle 2 we never made it to transfer)

So – we now debate 2 vs 3.  1 appears off the table and Mrs IVF is in the 2 camp and I must admit I am in the 3 camp. Naturally she is petrified of triplets or more and I think given how we have gone, we have a pretty low chance of triplets.

Anyway – that’s the thought for today. More to come. We are 6 weeks out today from trf so plenty of time to think. Again – very fortunate to have this choice, but we are now thinking of how we would do the next trf if this one is unsuccessful or if we stim again.  Kind of funny that unless you are pregnant every decision is a frikkin stress.

Anyway – the other funny / weird part of the call is that Mrs IVF may need to go on viagra to help her ute blood pressure challenges. Anyone else heard about this?

As always, your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Good luck to those of you still on your own quest.


6 Responses

  1. 3. Three is a magic number. Don’t worry about triplets Mrs. IVF, just transfer three. Viagara for “us”, I have heard it mentioned but don’t know anything about how it works on women. I am sure someone here will know and tell you about it. Whatever number you decide on will be right for you. Just take your time and you will make the decision once it comes to you.

  2. Hmmmm…he said 2 or 3. I’m surprised. Again, I lean towards less. Triplets scare me too. Heck, so do twins. But 2 gives the magic 78% success or whatever they are quoting these days.

    As for viagra, I’ve heard it mentioned on IVFC, but haven’t really paid attention. I’m sure the Mrs has already searched there.

    6 weeks! So soon!!

  3. I have heard of other women using viagra to help. It is actually used for a lot of other things also. When I worked in the Neonatal ICU we used it a good bit to help with oxygenation for micropreemies that had lung issues. Whether it is manly parts, lungs, ute- it works the same! Helps with the blood flow and oxygenation!

    Good luck to you guys. I hope the Mrs isn’t hurt from falling to floor!

  4. Hey, choice is a good thing. And sometimes it just muddies the waters.

    We were told, transfer 3 if it’s a D3 ET and 2 if it’s on D5. I don’t know how old Mrs. IVF is, and it’s impolite to ask, but at age 39, those were our options.

    So, we went with 2 on D5.

    Good luck and don’t agonize over the choices. It will feel right at the right time and you will make the right choice.

  5. I have been catching up on your blog, reading it all at once and hope the best for you and Mrs IVF. The humor of this blog makes it one of my favorites and my hubbie appreciates the male viewpoint. We are facing a similar situation to yours but our clinic doesn’t even offer PICSI, IMSI, microarray, etc. We live in the SW and I was wondering what clinic you are using. Know that’s something you might not want to share on the blog, but could you email me off-list?

  6. All – thanks for the viagra tips.
    Jem – mrs IVF is 38 and 2.5 months, but she looks 21, seriously. We need to pass those genes on!
    Trying 2 – ah the elusive and some what invisible male reader. Glad you both enjoy it. The clinic is CCRM in Denver Colorado. telling him being sub fertile is a good thing. No need to have his bits hacked later in life when you are over having kids (yeah – I know – dream dream dream).

    Oh congrats by the way – you are my 100th comment. Yay! Should crack a bottle of non alcoholic wine!

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