Uncle Sam wants … me

I think we are there on a decision. It’s a bit fo a middle bet. 3 freaks Mrs IVF out way way too much and no idea why we moved off one. So it’s looking like 2. Maybe it was Schoolies comments about 2 vs 3 that kicked us up a notch. We do have an impressive failure track record.

The house is back full of drugs again and Mrs IVF is jabbing away in style with her lupron every night. We know things are going to heat up again when the “ivf calendar” gets refreshed and this one is a picture of beauty. So no stims, therefore fewer needles, but boy, what a busy calendar, I think on a few days she has upto 10 things going on… well more correctly, I should say in. It’s a bit of a suppository super show. Wunderbar, and I believe in full technicolour. I believe blue staining comes into the mix somewhere, so Mrs will be sporting some “smurf turf”, (well thats what my mind has made out of this whole situations. Not to worry… all for the good cause…. I guess, I plan to stay clear unless asked to help ….as always!)

By the way – how did I get here? How did I get to blogging about my wifes bits turning blue? Where was this in the quest to have kids? I swear fertiles have no idea, and half their luck ..

In London this week so Mrs IVF is on a solo shot quest, which is good as the one shot I did give her since we started back on needles bruised her. Nice work meat head.

Dad has gone back to oz. It was fantastic having him over and saying goodbye wasnt easy. Never is. We had an awesome game of golf at bethpage black – home of the 2009 US open last Friday before he left. Wow what a course. It comes with a health warning before you hit off saying this course is reserved for Tiger Woods and anyone better, so you dont go into it thinking you will rip this course to shreds.  As it turned out, I played one of the top 10 games of my life so had a great day and walking up the final hole it dawned on me I havent thought of IVF all day long. Perfect.

So the ute prep continues back home in Jersey, The US govt just issued me with another 1 visa, (which is a relief as it means I can now return to the US!), and life goes on… We head back to the baby factory 12th Dec, transfer is lined up for the 14th assuming all prep goes well and then after a few days R&R we are off to the mountains for a bit of skiing (Mr IVF) and relaxing / growing kiddies (Mrs IVF), before returning to NY 28th Dec. Mum is flying in somewhere in here as well. (Yep – more family).

Lastly, in the US embassy today my interview was with someone who is on her 2nd day on the job, she turned to her boss at some point for some clarification and all I could hear was “oh, this is the type of guy we want”. Wow. The superpower needs me. I hope they arent looking for me as a sperm donor otherwise they will be sorely disappointed. Still, will do what I can for my currently adopted homeland. 



5 Responses

  1. I am sending good thoughts out your way for this cycle! Glad you got some good distraction time with your father- that is always wonderful!
    Okay, so I am confused- do you live in England or New Jersey?? I am so confused. LOL! I guess I am confused b/c you talked about the embassy. My cousin (um, 2nd cousin twice removed if that makes sense) worked at the US Embassy in Turkey about 5 years ago.

  2. Mrs IVF and I are both Australian, we live in Hoboken NJ, I work in Manhattan, but we met in London, our IVF doctor is in Denver, I think my mind sometimes comes up with thoughts from outer space, I once went to russia and mongolia (which is not relevant at all really) and … well now you are probably even more confused.

    I need to come back to London from time to time to renew my US visa (in my aussie passport. So this week I am back in the UK doing that. Without that. I cant live in the US.

    Thanks for the good vibes, the concierge just dropped them off to my room. Much appreciated.

  3. I’m confused too. You have to go to London to get an new US visa? Huh?

    So when roughly is the FET scheduled for? I’m curious about the whole FET prep process, it seems like such a mystery to me. With a stim cycle, I get the goal – make good follies. But with FET, its make a good lining. I guess I’m not sure how meds will make a better lining than what Mrs. IVF already makes.

    Anywhoo, good luck with the prep!

  4. Ugh! Don’t you love dealing with passports and visas and such? I lived in Korea for two years, but I always enjoyed leaving the country when it was time to do those things because I got a nice little vacation! Japan, Thailand, yep, it was fun! Yes, you are one of the people we want here in the US of A! 🙂 Glad the newbie figured that out!

    Smurf-turf?!?! LMAO

    Two sounds great. If all three implanted you would have your hands, very very full. We want Mrs. IVF to have a wonderful, healthy pregnancy. It may be strange, but I have such high hopes for ya’ll this cycle. I’m glad the injections have started so that you can get the ball rolling.

    Take care!

  5. I gotcha! You have a very interesting life- I would love to have your frequent flyer miles! It is funny that you have to go to England to renew your Austrailian visa. 🙂

    How’s the Smurf Turf?

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