We mightn’t even make the bridge…

How can we fall off a rickety bridge we haven’t even got onto yet? I’ll tell you, ute lining. We went for a scan this morning and Mrs IVF pulled a 6.4mm lining reading when the min they want is 8mm. hmmm. (Mrs IVF even politely asked for a re scan. alas,no better). Our beloved mango princess then emailed our elf at the baby factory this AM and got a response back she’d speak with the baby maker. Stay tuned readers.

Since when in life did 1.6mm make a difference? I know it does here, but in your day to day life, how much does a few millimeters make a difference on anything? Take a few mm off my no caffeine tea? or make my commute 1.6mm longer or take another 1.6mm of cash out of my bank account to fix this lack of kid problem. Just give us a few more millimeters of lining please oh great lining giver? 

So here’s the mental image for today. We are standing in IVF land ready to start the journey to the land of parenthood. The backpacks are on and loaded with all sorts of emotions, patches, drugs, needles, suppositories etc etc  and we have repositioned our hearts from chest cavity to sleeve (where they can of course get damaged that much more easily).

We are all packed and heading for the bridge. Small steps, no rush, dont want to trip but at the same time, LETS GET IT ON!, we see the bridge, we see happy pregnant people and parents on the other side of the bridge, they are waving at us, egging us on telling us how wonderful it is, and that they know we can do it!, we see green grass, rainbows, happy smiling people, facebook pages with 10,000 photos, family picnics, happy grandparents.(ok – we know there is a  grotty side to kids, but that must be back further in parent land somewhere, we can’t see it as we are transfixed by this oasis, we are so parched and really want to drink from the other side of this bridge.)

We look at each other, we are beaming, we can do this, we know this bridge, we know the rickety bits, we have been in training, we’ve taken extra precautions to ensure we are ready to develop our frozen kiddies. So many drugs, so much time, timetables, everything, no probs, we are all over it. Its time to move on…..

Then we trip on a rock right under our nose that we didnt see coming and we have lost balance, we could fall over flat on our face this afternoon in the dust bowl we live in or we could regain balance and move on… . Either way, yet again, we are shaken, this process has delivered yet another random twist, and you know what, we are just fed up.

Anyone tripped on this rock and stayed on their feet?


3 Responses

  1. Hoping for 1.6 mm of luck for you.

  2. Holly Sh$t Mr.IVF (notice the dollar sign). WTF! What a heart wrenching twist. Wish you the best of luck, and we are thinking about you.

  3. Oh crap! Hi Mr. IVF, this is Cassie, Mrs. IVF’s friend from the boards and now IRL too! I’ve really been enjoying your blog (I wish my Mr. IVF would read it more often) and I’m very bummed to read this somewhat discouraging news. I hope that things turn around fast – you never know. Please keep us posted and I’ll be wishing you the best lining vibes possible!

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