Huntin’ season

So we tripped, staggered but havent fallen…. yet

The word from the elf yesterday was they aren’t cancelling the cycle, but they will move the transfer back a week and we go on a rampage to grown that lining. So it’s officially linin’ huntin’ season in our household. Who has good recipes to help grow lining? estrogen burgers anyone?? Any other tips of to do’s or not to do’s? Lets get going here people, we need lining and we need it now, kind donations of lining are greatly appreciated and can be pledged by calling 1-800 GIVIN LINING. We are going for that 1.6MM of luck!

So we still fly out this Saturday we do a scan on Tuesday then another one Thursday then trf  WILL (lets keep positive people) be 21st, we will then head up to Salt Lake City to meet my mum who is flying in from Oz, then back to Gotham on the 28th. 

Question is – fly or drive? Which one is likely to cause less damage to jnr? Any opinions?

So Mrs IVF has officially gone “smurf turf” is the report today from the nether regions (and no, thats not a country with windmills in Europe). She is off the vaigara and onto the estrace which I believe is causing quite a mess. (taking verbal reports here, no need to go for visual proof). Estrogen level last week 419, now 413, need to get this up, its above the line, but we want it to grow.

Reflection moment….so much hassle – can you believe that all this can be done through a 5 min shag? How amazing can the human body be when it works as it should.

Thankyou once again commenters – great to hear from you and for those of you who are new, I will try and catchup on your blogs now that we are guest free. There is some seriously wicked homour (yes – Australians add the “u”‘) out there amongst the despair on your blogs.

Some some specific comments to the commenters:

Cassie – Mr IVF’s are somewhat weird beasts. We all tackle this crap different ways. I am a verbeler, most of us aren’t. More than happy to email / catchup if he is up for it. Mrs IVF appreciates a RLF(real life friend) , LHB (local hoboken buddy), or whatever you call :).. . I am really crap at those TLA (three letter acronyms)

Jen – we are going to trf two if we get that far

All – thanks for the well wishes and comments. All comments are greatly appreciated and vibes happily accepted


3 Responses

  1. Yay, you’re still on! Who doesn’t ❤ smurf drugs? 🙂 Driving v flying? Whichever is less stressful to the wifey. Love that you have humor and humour as tags for your postings. 🙂 I'm glad you are going for two.

  2. Corn starch? Flour? Tapioca? Hmm. I don’t really have any tips to thicken that lining. I think the Estrace will do the trick and Mrs. IVF will be fine.

  3. Good luck! I am sending lots of good vibes out your way. GOOD LUCK!!!

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