The waiting game

Tomorrow is blood test and we will do the stick wizz 1st thing in the morning. Since the trf you don’t expect much at first but you start looking for things later in the 2 weeks window, something must be happening right?

To briefly fill you in, Mrs IVF spent a few days on bed rest, then,  after weeks of lovely sunshine, we jumped in the car and headed towards Park City Utah in a snow storm. We were hoping to be there a week earlier and hang out, but due to the trf delay we only had 4 days there. We still had to get there as our flights back to Gotham were out of SLC and my mother was flying in there to spend Christmas with us. So we allowed 2 days (with plenty of rest stops) to transport the mango princess – baby incubator to Utah.

So we were tight for time, so no flexibility to shift a day if a blizzard hit, so when it hit, we just drove slowly (well I did). All that IVF transfer day driving practice paid off and could put up with 20 mph conditions on the interstate. 6 hrs to do 200 miles to our over overnight stop (Rawlins, WY). Next day was perfectly sunny so we zipped across WY and picked up mum at the airport. Great road trip – really pretty with lots of snow, but there doesn’t appear to be much in Wyoming. Maybe we just missed the good bits in the snow storm. Wyomingers – correct any misstatements here please.

So symptoms? Well Mrs IVF had a “gushing” feeling at the check-in counter at Delta yesterday and another going through security. Brought on an urge to go to the toilet but didn’t ask for many more details than that – it was early in the day, breakfast was still settling, and I struggle with anything apart from wee coming out of girls bits (yes – weak I know). She felt a bit wiped out on the flight but that could be anything. Also picked up a dose of the runny poo’s yesterday and 15 mins ago… spotting. I can’t say she has been irritable as I think I have been more irritable, so who knows.

All these could be signs, they could be cruel tricks, it could be and probably is nothing. I do not know and I am a bit sick of not sleeping well just wondering wondering wondering. You can only pray so much I guess and then just hope.

Anyway – will let you know either way. Thanks for the wishes. I can’t get too excited, we have just been here too many times with dashed hopes.


4 Responses

  1. …May your hopes never be dashed again. Thinking of you guys tomorrow.

  2. My fingers are crossed for you both! I’ll be thinking and wishing you all the best tomorrow!

  3. Hi guys! I’m going to be thinking about you tomorrow and hoping beyond hope for a positive!!!

  4. Come on, it is tommorow already, whats the news!

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