So a little bit on our past history:

Known problems: I have “male factor” which is a polite way to say my sperm are crap. I can still get a batch of 5 million or so out but are well off the 20 million norm level (although in cycle 5 I have got this up to 10 million). My boys swim badly, have ugly heads and are pretty useless, but I still produce some baby batter, so I am happy for that and fully recognize many guys have it tougher than this and I really feel for them. This aint easy.

Mrs IVF is in her late 30’s but apart from that has few issues we have discovered. He uterus blood flow is a little out of limits, but acupunture is tackling that, so maybe she just has crap eggs or maybe its just all me. We dont know.

– Cycle 1 (the initiation cycle): The Mango Princess stimmed on a reasonable dose of drugs.  Retrieved 15 eggs, 14 mature, 10 fertilized and 2 transferred back in. None of the others good enough for freezing. Got 7 weeks pregnant and then miscarried. Turns out jnr had a genetic issue (trisomy 13)  and decided to drop out.

– Cycle 2 (the dud cycle): 10 retrieved, 5 mature, 3 fertilized but none survived the genetic testing (PGD) which we added this cycle (PGD helps identify chromosomal issues which should therefore minimise chances of miscarriage, or so the handbook says). Same drug cycle as cycle 1, but we think the trigger was a bit early and Mrs IVF had a cold that peaked through the stim cycle.

– Cycle 3 (the overstim cycle): Beefed up the drugs to a more aggressive cycle. Mild overstimulation, but not enough to shut down the whole attempt.  11 retrieved, 7 mature, 6 fertilized and 3 passed PGD!!! (yay so we can produce a good embryo!) and 3 transferred back in. Result: chemical pregnancy… which for the uninitiated is what in Australia we would call a “Claytons pregnancy” – the pregnancy you are having when you are not having a pregnancy. i.e. you get pregnant, but it stops growing very very eary in the process. Most women in “normal land” never even realise they have these.

Cycle 4: Lupron flare protocol. Responded very well with at least 18 follicles at 18 mm and the distribution of follicles was very tight (i.e. we didnt have a pile of 14, 15mm and a pile of 20+ follicles they were all around 17-19mm. Very tidy. E2 of 4,000. Did a half trigger on a generic version of novarel and only got 5 eggs. Dr dont have a good answer why, but we’re convinced something went wrong somewhere. of the 5 retrieved, all 5 were mature and fertilized (amazing). 4 made it to day 3 and we trf the lot back in with no PGD and no pregnancy

Cycle 5:  Switched clinics to CCRM in Denver. MRs IVF was on “cycle 2” which I think is aimed at poor responders. She responded amazingly with 25 eggs (a world record for us) 23 mature (incredible) and 17 fertilized, (very happy)…. and we’ll see how we go from there

Just realised that this is all a bit chick heavy (ok – so they are 99% of the process, here the low down on the other 1% – “farming the husband”)

Cycle 1: heaven – room full of porn videos, mags… the works. Bloke Nirvana. Did well on the delivery and scored a good result on the tadpole count test. Gold medal effort.

Cycle 2: crap. Video jammed at a rather critical part of the process, (well that’s my excuse, not that it matters). Not such a great result on the tadpole count (but still gazillions of more of the little fellas that we actually needed).

Cycle 3: was back in touch again (so to speak). I know where the video jams so avoided that and landed a good result for the team.

Cycle 4: getting a bit sick of the same videos

Cycle 5: new lab, new porn, lots of leso stuff up here in the mountains. Broke my record with a 7 million download for the freeze and 10 million for the main event. Not sure there is a link between these two sentances


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