What we did and wrapup

Hi folks. As promised I have posted some details on what we did. I hope this helps you and if you have any specific questions – please, post a response – I am happy to help if I can.


Thank you all for your responses. Mrs IVF and I read over then and really appreciate the support you gave us. It has felt very weird the last few weeks thinking we might have left IVF land. We don’t fit in with other people who are pregnant, but can understand its time to move on to somewhere else. I feel like a guy who dropped a huge fart at a party, and pissed everyone off, and that everyone knows that its me who dropped the offending gas.

I know declaring pregnancy is a mixed blessing on these pages in terms of happiness that someone may beat this thing, but at the same time, the jealously is there, so as a reminder, (and we aren’t there yet), we had 5 cycles, we overcame thin lining, a miscarriage (2 if you count the chemical), 4 bad results, crap sperm and the mental anguish that hung over me for a very long time on that (and probably still does to a degree) , letting Mrs IVF down with my crap nuts, all the admin issues along the way, the waiting, all the endless testing, Mrs IVF fainting in one of the exams, the clueless friends, the fertiles, continual bad results from genetic tests (1 year and a half of them), the botched retrievals (had to be!) where we only got 5 eggs… the list goes on. Not as tough as many journeys out there, tougher than others, but its not a competition.

Thanks for the encouraging words to “blog on” from some of you but will give it a break for a while. I might come back to it, but I have signed up to do some volunteer work and if anything, might right a book of how we got to here. I just don’t think the male story is told well if at all. I wish I had a book as some background before I started this journey. You just have no idea what you are in for. Would appreciate if you think this is a good idea.

Lastly, here’s a link to our 1st scan results if you want to know. More than ok if you dont: https://misterivf.wordpress.com/scan-results/