Enter the IVF chef!

So I got looking for good lining food. There is a website for everything, and of course, I found one on “increase uterine lining with estrogen type foods”. See below


So while Mrs IVF was out doing her acupuncture last night I went and hit the organic store with the article above looking to cook up a storm. My initial thought was to do a stir fry as I thought I could use some soy sauce to help the case (soy is good!), but as I read beyond the pure ingredients I saw the following comment:

There are many ways to prepare and implement these foods in your diet but if you’re looking for a quick estrogen fix without alot of prep work, try juicing. I find that juicing is such a fast easy way to get quick results because the raw juice reaches the cellular level within 15 minutes and if you’re working against that age related infertility clock, every minute counts right?”

Right !!!! Well, This just pumped me right up! Working against that damn clock! We needed to hurry. We arent talking years here people, we are talking a week+ to transfer and merely days to our next scan! I almost ran straight out of the shop then and there!

However, I had 2 other problems to contend with first. (1) I had a basket full of things for a stir fry, not a smoothie and (2) I am known for not following recipes. Pie – I am no cook to your standard, but I hold my own, my problem is if I dont have or dont know of an ingredient I substitute, generally successfully, but not always. Mr IVF cooking is a bit like Wheel of Fortune – sometimes top dollar and sometimes banktrupt. Mrs IVF is a stickler for recipes and really struggles with my approach, so we have a truce around this where she doesnt ask and I dont tell. I cook with lots of secret ingredients, she generally likes what I eat, and the world keep spinning.

So, you probably guessed where this is going, but with that damn clock rining in my ears, I needed to work with utmost haste.  An inappropriate basket of food and a general lack of control when it comes to cooking wasnt going to get in my way, so I pushed on pretty much grabbing anything I could juice and headed for the checkout and dropped $40 on what would turn out to be probably the most expensive drink of my life.

So, ladies and gentlemen, of the readership world, I proudly introduce to you, from the kitchens of Hoboken, NJ, USA,  the “you beaut ute boost”.. (“you bute” is an aussie term for “great; wow!;  isn’t that just something!!” – for example lets say you were at the races and your horse came in 1st, it wouldnt be uncommon for someone in Australian, who maybe isnt very posh to yelp out “YOU LITTLE BEAUTY”… which in non Aussie would be “oh wow, I think I won, isn’t that just something then hey?”

The recipe is as follows:

a large head of broccoli, a slab of cauliflower, a whole plastic container of mung bean sprouts (boy, they make a mess but juice well!), a hand full of baby carrots (add more if you like carrot – quite strong when juiced), 3-4 mushrooms (they dont juice very well but add a bit of brown to the mix, which i think is key), a whole tub of brussel sprouts, a squash, 4 red delicious apples, 3 pears, an inch of ginger and a few spring of thyme for a bit of randomness.

The result? “tasty, gingery and well, good” were the 1st words from Mrs IVF. I did taste test it first to ensure I didnt kill her, and must admit it wasn’t bad, even if it did have a bit of a pond scum look about it.

I made up so much I ran out of containers and ended up using mixing bowls.

So there we have it. Poor old Mrs IVF is drinking pond scum for lunch and dinner and says she still likes it with  smile, so it cant be that bad. If we cancel this cycle I can’t come away feeling we haven’t trie our hardest to get that 1.6MM!!!


6 Responses

  1. LMAO doesn’t even describe the big fat laugh I’m having right now. Forty-dollar pond scum for 1.6 mm of goodness…in the wacked world of IF, this should work. 🙂 For some good old american phraseology….chug it girl!

  2. Hopefully she is drinking 1.6mm of pond scum. 🙂 I definately think you guys are doing everything you know/ can think of to do. Good luck- that is quite a tasty drink. LOL!!!

  3. PS- I like the tiles in the background! Is that your kitchen? Pretty cool.

  4. Mmm yummy haha. Well done to Mr IVF’s thinking and Mrs IVF’s drinking!

  5. I’m just catching up with you guys – first off, ugh, I’m so sorry the lining is giving the Mrs trouble. Why can’t things just go smoothly for once??

    Secondly, ummmm, that looks so gross. She can’t just eat edamame? Tofu? Miso? Well, I hope it works its magic, now that you have 6 gallons of the stuff! 🙂

  6. I thought the picture was a pint of beer that you were jonsing to have, not the Beut ute lining conconction.


    Good for you. You’ve inspired me to skip the fast food for lunch and have something healthful. I may even dig out the juicer from the garage.

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